Naim Muso QB - New Firmware Update 1.7

Cleaner version:
The Sonore micro/ultraRendu device allows you to install the UPNP bridge software to act as a Roon UPNP bridge. The Sonore Sonic Transporter probably does, ask them to be sure.

The first generation MuSo & MuSoQB can be controlled fully with Roon via Airplay. I use them for “casual” listening and the sound quality is excellent though maybe not sufficient SQ if the MuSo is your main listening device.
You can of course feed the devices from usb or optical sources but with less control & probably necessitating volume control from the Naim app. There may be other work arounds but airplay satisfies my needs especially when I’m not giving the music my full attention.

The Sonic Transporter did enable to load the app. I also bought a separate Sonore UPnP Bridge. Neither seem to work or at least Roon says can’t find Squeezebox devices. Emails to Small Green Computer go unanswered although I am not sure how responsive they are.

Good to know the Transporter can act as a upnp bridge, like the Rendus can.

The SonoreUPnP Bridge application is available on the following hardware:
microRendu, ultraRendu, opticalRendu, microJukebox, and sonicTransporter series

Did you read the set up steps? Have a look here: