Naim Uniti Atom and Roon

No they dont.

Sorry this might be self evident but I’m looking at buying one and want to confirm that it does the full file specs over ethernet with roon (ie dsd, flac up to 384, etc).


Yep, DSD128 up to 384 PCM upto 32bit


Thanks Simon.

The album visuals and full remote are so appealing. Have to get an order in!

The ease of use of the Atom over my previous separate chain of streamer/DAC/Naim preamp is still making me smile each time I use it.


I put a chromecast in the garage at the weekend and using the google home app to set it up it found the atom chromecast as well.

Will be picking mine up on friday! I tested one already and the amp output was ample for stereo bookshelves. Want some tube goodness so will add a tube amp later. Then could be a very nice and concise system (server > atom > tube amp).

I will say my inital test of the headphone amp was that i would need the volume at 110 (out of 100) to get the volume i would like. And with pretty easy to drive 300ohm headphones.

Outputs ample to drive floor standers. Mine sound great.


Absolutely. Whilst the size of speakers has some relevance it’s really all about efficiency of the speakers and grip off the amp.

Same here, driving a pair of Dynaudio Contour S 3.4 LE with the Atom in a relatively large room, without any limitations. And the Atom to Roon integration is fantastic!

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I’m driving floorstanders and my neighbours are enjoying my program material. :blush:
The Atom is a seemless roon experience, press play and listen for the relay click as it comes out of sleep and then off we go.

Yep just a wonderful experience. Album art is really nice to have displayed too.

Will say i’m feeling the urge to add a tube amp on output. Not that power isn’t enough i just prefer a tube element somewhere in the output. Not an easy decision though as it’s so seamless now and adding an analogue amp would be a real labour each use (relatively speaking).

Plus not eco friendly. Though if you are in the northern hemisphere you will get winter warmth :blush:

G’day Naim Atom users,

Question - what sample rate does the Chromecast built-in support for the Atom?

For example, if you stream 24/96 from the Qobuz app (not Roon but the native Qobuz app), what gets shown on the Atom display? 24/96?

Or if you stream 24/96 from Roon to the Naim via Chromecast what gets shown on the Atom display? I know it’s Roon Ready but just trying to understand the sample rate support of Chromecast Built-in on the Atom.

Could someone kindly show a photo of what shows on the display when playing 24/96 via Chromecast Built-in (please)?

I was gonna call Naim UK or ping them an email but thought I’d ask here first.

Cheers in advance

My new Atom drives my big B&W 683 floorstanders like an absolute champion!
I adore this piece of hifi novelty!

It has played upto 96/24 has for me via ChromeCast. Although their implementation is not great and a bit unstable as it does not always display artwork. Never tried Roon via CC though.

Heads up, Naim are offering £250 off here in the UK at the moment on an Atom. First dealer I went to only had £200 off though! Offer says for the next two weeks only.

They are teasing a launch in May so wondering if Atom 2 is due?

Yes, my thoughts exactly, but if you really want one of these what do you do? I would take a chance on old stock still hanging around when the new unit is launched so you can see if it is worth the wait (and the no doubt higher price). Atom demo units will still be around probably.

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Nope, the launch was the Muso 2 which was introduced at the Munich High End show.