NAS is lost. Again

The saga of my NAS and ROON is a long one. But about two months ago, something magical happened and Tinkerbell sprinkled some fairy dust on my system and suddenly it began being able to read everything on my NAS, even many levels down. Now, suddenly, it won’t read anything, even recent, top level additions. What is going on? Are the powers that be experimenting with the system whilst we have our backs turned?

At least with a Roon Core running on Linux, bad things can happen if the SMB share from the NAS is mounted twice, as a remote watched folder and as an explicit mount.

Maybe your NAS’ IP address changes (more or less) regularly?
Try giving your NAS a static IP address, via your router and its web-interface.

There might be various causes for this.
It could related to the network setup (e.g. powerline adapter / wifi repeater failure if present in the setup), but it could also be related to wrong software setup (e.g. double mount as mentioned in danny’s post here)

Thank you everyone for your kind time. Sadly, I can tell that all of you are far more intelligent about computers than I am. Nonetheless, let me try.

Fernando_Pereira’s comment I really can’t answer that.

Regarding Music-Friend, I have s static IP address.

To crieke, I have no powerline adapter nor wifi repeater in the setup. I went to danny’s post that you aimed at, but I must tell you that 99% of it flew over my head. Sorry for my lack of knowledge.