Native DSD on Moon DAC (ROCK)

Just installed Roon Rock and no DSD native support. I had it with windows 10. cant find anything but win. drivers at Moon’s site. Any tips for how to get it to work? thx.

Hello @Nils_Hannaas,

Since ROCK is a Linux-based operating system, only the drivers that have been patched over to Linux will be available for use.

We use a 3rd party module for Native DSD on Linux and I can see here that this functionality has not been added for Moon DACs yet.

Please note, this is not a complete list, but it will give you a good idea of the DACs that can accept Native DSD on Linux.


Hi, and thanks for the info. I may reroll back to Windows, but i thought it was bit of a sound improvment on non dsd tracks. I sat the DSP to run DSD as DSD64 and 128. It works, but the sound is very low. I guess i will listen for a couple of days to figure it out. Have a nice weekend. :slight_smile:

Check out this thread…

May be @spockfish can help you on this.

@Nils_Hannaas, do you have access to a Linux device (like a Raspberry Pi)?
In that case I might be able to help out creating the patch.

Hia spock. I have like 3 raspberry pi. But i use a Allo sparky bridge as renderer. What do you have in mind?

If you hook up a Raspberry Pi loaded with RoPieee to the Moon over USB you can send me feedback with a simple click. I then have enough information to see if we can make a patch.


Done. I have swapped the sparky with a RP3B. It also has the rpi touch display.
Sendt feedback.
Got this code: d7d15ac9f6b94b8a
Whats next m8.

Hi @Nils_Hannaas,

Thanks for that. Unfortunately your Moon DAC does not expose the necessary bits to be able to do native DSD.

So this is not going to work [on Linux], unless Moon provides a firmware update to the DAC (or more specifically the USB chipset) that provides the missing pieces.


Ok. Thanks for trying. I will try to send Simaudio a mail, but i doubt they do anything about it.

If they care about their customers they do. Getting this right is not particulary complex, it just requires a little bit more effort then the usual “we support the USB UAC standard”.

Let’s see :wink:

I have sendt them a mail on the issue. All i found out is that the 240i uses a ESS dac (dont they all) And here is a link to the manual. Moon_manual Its not much help i guess. If i knew exactly what i should ask for at Simaudio, i could drop them another mail.

This is not related to the audio part of the DAC. So the fact that the DAC is built around an ESS does not make a difference, this is purely related to the USB part.

They need to make sure the USB descriptors are correct, that’s all.

This is the frustrating part of this: all those manufacturers not spending just a little bit TLC to make sure their DAC is properly supported on Linux.

Pls let me know if you learn anything from Simaudio. I have have had several email exchanges with them re: my Moon 280D’s limited ability to play DSD from the Roon Core located on my Mac. Not only did they not care, they said it would be too much of an inconvenience to disclose this limitation in sales materials to advise potential customers in advance of purchase.

This is the first reply i got: Dear Nils,

We don’t support Linux in our USB driver, only Windows.

However, if you check if ROON is compatible in Linux, you could use ROON as interface and play native DSD in a MOON DAC product equipped with MiND2. Like the 280D for instance.

Hope this can help.


Yeah. As expected. And unfortunately I’ve seen this multiple times.
I’m not gonna say something ugly here :wink:

I sendt them a new mail, where i quote you and Spock. So lets see what the say.
Guess we have to run a noisy windows computer to get native DSD, if they continue to deny us support on this.

Keep your ROCK Nuc, get a less powerful Windows based computer to just run the Moon drivers and RoonBridge.

Here is a computer, 32 GB ssd, 4 gb Ram and Windows included for just over 330.00 USD on amazon. Looks like it would work fine as an endpoint not a Core.

Its about the power supply and usb noise. Not fans. There are sbc’s and network bridges that runs on linux, who is are far more optimized for audio, than a NUC based windows pc.