Native DSD on NUC\Mytek Brooklyn possible?

@danny I would be keen to test the patch if it’s in :blush:

@danny any followup on this? Thx

@danny @spockfish The patch didn’t get into Build 294, did it?

Hi @danny, has this patch for the brooklyn dac+ made build 294 on ROCK or not?
Don’t mind if I have to wait a bit, but if it is in 294 than it is not working for my dac+


it is unrelated to Roon.

the patch made it into ROCK 1.0 (build 153)

Sorry, reading all the posts in this thread and now i’m confused. So to be certain: i am unable to play native dsd from rock to my brooklyn dac+ (the newer one), and Roon cannot solve this?

thx again

Roon can play native DSD if the drivers/underlying system supports it.

ROCK is just a custom Linux distribution. Linux has native DSD support for some devices built in, but others must be patched in. The patch above does exactly that. ROCK was using an older version of that patch until the latest build. Now it has the latest patch from above.

I am just speaking to the patch above, as I lack the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ for testing. I know the Pro-Ject S2 was in this boat of needing the most recent patch. @brian has one of those, and tested it as working with latest ROCK.

Understood, thank you Danny!