Need help to Install Roon Server and Roon Remote

Hi Everyone,
I just got the QNAP TVS-471 with (2) 2TB SSD today and my new laptop with windows 10 64bit
Where should I start to configure both of them
1- Do I need to install Roon to Qnap and configure it as the Media Server?
2- If I install Roon on My Qnap. Do I need to install it to my Laptop as well?

Please help, Thanks for all your time and supports

Hi @Tom_Nguyen ---- Thank you for the question and welcome to Roon! Let me see if I can help get you started here.

“1- Do I need to install Roon to Qnap and configure it as the Media Server?”

Not sure if you have visited our Knowledge Base yet but it has been completely updated since the release of 1.3 and covers the ins and outs of the software.

We have a dedicated section highlighting the correct operational procedure when setting up a NAS to run RoonServer, give it a read and let me know if any clarification is needed.

“2- If I install Roon on My Qnap. Do I need to install it to my Laptop as well?”

To control Roon Server from a new device (or if you’re setting up RoonServer for the first time) just install Roon on any supported device on the same network. Run as a remote when you start up, and select your Roon Server install.


Hi Eric,
Please help. I got the Raid 1 with 2TB SSD internal HD. Do I need to create Share Folder to install Roon Server ? if I do need to create the Folder for Roon Server How’s big is the folder need to assign for? Please let me know. Thanks

Hi Eric,
I just go ahead to created share folder name RoonServer and Hit Apply and done
I browser to my local download QnapPackage Version: 2017-02-02 and installed it to Qnap completed
but when I click Roon icon to open it on Appcenter nothing happen it showed
RoonServer : Version 2017-02-02
No Description Available
Maintainer: Christopher Rieke
in the center of the Roon box just the hammer
Is that something not install correctly ? or I need to do anything else? Please let me know. Thanks again for all your
time and supports

Hi Tom,
Everything seems normal so far. You did right in creating a RoonServer shared folder (on that volume you wanted to store the database). The size of that folder will grow depending on your music library size (even though it does not contain the actual music files).

RoonServer has no interface, so you will not see any interface on the qnap itself.
When you set it up on the qnap, you can use a remote device (computer/tablet/smartphone) with the installed Roon software to connect to RoonServer on your QNAP.

Hi Christ,
I got another problem here after I download roonlab for my laptop first time and install it
and choose the laptop as remote to QNAP TVS-471 Core Server all working fine until when the roonlab asking to create the folder to import music I click on storage on the left and adding folder and select it but nothing happen no music import from my laptop to core server folder?
I did search and follows one of KB Base but still not work
Do i need to created the folder in QNAP file folder ahead f time then Browse to it or only create when first time login remote from laptop?
Do i miss any step? or Could you please send me the detail step by step that will help me to get it up and running next couple day. Thanks again for all your time and supports

Hi @Tom_Nguyen – so your Core is up and running on the QNAP? And you’re connected to it, running Roon on another platform (like Windows, MacOS, iOS, or Android), is that right?

And now you just need to get your music copied over? Where is your music currently stored? Where do you want to store it long term? I assume on the QNAP, but please confirm.

Hi Mike,
Yes, My Core running on Qnap and My Laptop will be run Roon Remote to it
I do want all my music to Qnap
My music is on my local laptop under my music folder and I want my music will be store on qnap
What is the best way for me to do from beginning.
I can remove the Roon Core Server on qnap and reinstall it again if need it
Please help and give me more detail step by step to do it right. Thanks for all your time and supports

Best option would be to create another shared folder to store your music in (it is not a requirement to have this on ssd).
Go to your QNAP Control Panel to the “Shared Folder” menu and create it (if it does not already exist):

Then you can connect from the windows explorer to that share and copy your music files there.

After the copy process is finished, you need to add this folder in your RoonServer storage settings.
Click in the storage settings “Add folder” -> “Browse” and select it. RoonServer’s filebrowser should list all available shared folders. Select the folder, where you copied your music files.

If this does not work, please let me know. Just add @crieke somewhere in your message.

PS: If your QNAP shared folders are not listed in the filebrowser, please make sure you are really connected to it (and that you don’t accidentally have RoonServer running on your computer).

Hi Chris,
All working now. Thanks for all your time and supports
My other question is
I have sonicwall at Home and at Work office so I can remote desktop to work both way
I can ping the Ip address of my qnap running Roonlabs server ok but when i open Roon app at work pc to remote to my Rooncore at home on qnap I can’t even i manually enter the ip address
Is this option not available yet on Roon or I do need to configure anythings else on my Sonicwall ?
Please let me know. Thanks

As far as I know Roon will not work over remote internet connections. Some users had managed to make it work with a vpn connection. But that was at times of version 1.2. I do not know if this works with 1.3 or with Sonicwall.

Hello, I’m just getting started with installing Roon on a QNAP TVS-471 with a 1TB SSD in bay 1 and a 4TB HDD in bays 2 & 3. The HDDs were configured in RAID1. I am trying to create the RoonServer Shared Folder on the bay 1 SSD but the only option in Disk Volume is DatVol1 (3.51TB) which is on the HDDs I presume. In the storage manager overview the SSD is shown as “free” while the HDDs are shown as “data”. How can make sure the RoonServer folder is created on the SSD? Thanks.

All Working for me now. Thanks

There are no multiple shared folders on external disks. If you create a shared volume this can only be created on the internal volume.

To use the USB3 SSD as the storage for RoonServer, you need to format it (all data will be deleted) in the Storage Manager.

In this process you can choose a label for the USB volume. Use “RoonServer” here and the ssd should be picked up as the destination for the database.

Afterwards your SSD should be presented like this in the Storage Manger:

The name of the USB device will also be the share name of that device. Make sure there is no shared folder on the internal volume with the name “RoonServer”.

Just made a little video (even though I did not press the format button, it should be clear what to do… :slight_smile:)

Thanks for nifty video but problem is that the SSD is in bay 1, not external so it doesn’t show up separately to the HDDs.
There’s just DataVol1 which I presume are the 2 HDDs formatted in RAID1. How do I “see” the bay 1 SSD? Sorry about truncated images. How do I transfer screenshots from Mac?

Whoops, sorry. I do not know why I assumed it was a USB drive. (It was probably too late for me…)

Can you check in the Storage Manager the tab Storage Space? You should have two volumes there. I assume there is currently just one. If there is just one volume, click on the Create ▾ button a the top window and select New Volume .
In the next window select “Single Static Volume” and click next. You should be able to select your SSD from bay 1 there.

Sorted. Roon up and running. Thanks Chris.

Although my streamer doesn’t recognise the QNAP NAS yet. UPnP is enabled so not sure why…