New Intel NUC could be the Perfect ROCK Platform? Silent and Passively Cooled Out of the Box

I don’t think the NUC Elements chassis is designed to take a 2.5" form factor drive. As far as I can see, it’s designed for M.2 form factor drives.

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Would greatly appreciate link mentioned here.

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Correct me if I’m am strong however once these start shipping someone will have to be a guinea pig and test it out as I have the impression the ROON boys are in no hurry to certify this.

I am located in the States. Are there any vendors selling completely built fsnless NUC’s which can run ROON? Onlogic??

I have seen on the web the fanless Cyrus from Germany. Do they have ROON approved NUC boards in them? Do they ship to the States?

Wow. Cool! I am totally excited about these Intel Austin Beach NUCs. It would be great if Rock could be certified on these sooner than later. SimplyNuc has a great video on them at Gary at has them for sale on his web site but he said because of Intel shortages because of the CoronaVirus they may not be up for sale for a few months yet which is very disappointing! also has them for sale so does If Roon will buy me the Austin Beach NUC (their chassis element) and their Chandler Bay (their computer element) I will volunteer to be their guinea pig in getting ROCK up and running! I have tons of experience doing embedded software development! – Tim

Ribbed PC cases have been out for many years before the Nucleus.

Yes, I know. I have one. Akasa Turing A-NUC45-M1B Compact Fanless Case.

Since last May.

It isn’t their first fanless design but it is the first that encompasses all specs of processor in that range. Previously it only covered the 5w designs.

I have this case for my NUC since a month now and i am very happy. No more noise dead quiet en ROCK solid.

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