New NUC Build - please check

Probably cheaper to simply upgrade iMAC to an SSD.

Is that something one can do / I have a late 2014 imac with a 2TB fusion drive

Any Apple store should be able to upgrade and transfer OS to new SSD. Don’t know what it costs, tho.

Cheers, will enquire

…or you can buy an external usb3 enclosure with SSD. Even m.2!

Using symlinks on MacOS, you can point your ~/Library/Roon to the SSD


Have you tried doing something similar on a Windows system with the new Creators Update?

One more thought from me -

What chip is in your iMAC, i5 or i7. That will also make a difference.

I am also looking at taking the plunge on the NUC route. I have two questions

  • Is there any benefit to getting the NUC with the Intel Optane memory pre-installed
  • Is there any benefit to upgrading the DDR 4 memory to 16GB

I have Roon driving 8 zones and I make use of the DSP Sample Rate Conversion facilities. My current laptop based system copes fine up to 192KHz but DSP is a stretch too far

All feedback & input appreciated

No Intel Optane desirable for ROCK?
and No, see

Thanks for the prompt reply and for the link , had somehow missed that one !

Thanks Danny interesting…

I thought the SSD had to have the OS too?

Please could you point me to more information - is it different to using this (which i already have)

What is Symlinks - is that needed because you are working around the fact the SSD doesn’t have the OS???

The SSD needs to be there for Roon’s DB – that’s it. On MacOS, that’s in $HOME/Library/Roon

You have to create a symlink from that dir to your SSD if you want to not upgrade your OS drive. This method is pretty technical and requires an understanding of mount points + basic UNIX command line skills. I could give you the commands to run, but if you have a problem later, you will suffer. I suggest just upgrading the OS drive for the least trouble in the future.

Thanks Danny - no, that sounds too scary for my skill level

How do I do that though - Have a 2TB fusion drive - would it mean replacing one of those, so again a tricky thing to do??

Rather than start a new thread…

I want to build a NUC as a ROCK. I clicked the link below from the Roon Knowledge Base, but the Amazon Basket (UK) seems to be out of date.

So, can you guys help me with the latest build NUC, RAM and SSD that is in current production and in stock?

Thanks very much.


Hey Paul.

Remember, there are more fish in the sea than Amazon! Have a look here, these guys are very helpful, you should find everything you need.

The choices (I3, i5 and i7) are here:

I got 7i5 with only m2 drive although the larger one with space for additional drive is cheaper. 2 x4 gb ram (link on first page) and 128gb m2 drive

One thing to say— keep it in a clean area or get a fanless case. It really seems to suck up dirt which causes a lot of heat and fan noise.

Good Luck!

Just fixed up those UK amazon links Paul: ROCK For Large Libraries or DSP Use

Big thanks guys!

I’m on it.



Sorry to be a pain but that NUC on Amazon says “…Ready to use out of the box. Windows 10 Pro installed. 16GB RAM 525GB SSD

Don’t I want a NUC without Windows 10, RAM and a SSD because you’ve listed that separately?



Thanks goes to olchon!

I have just ordered from QuietPC with an i7 NUC in a Akasa Plato X7D Slim Fanless NUC Chassis. Costs a bit more but will be silent (it will be on the HiFi rack under a DCS Bridge) and I’ll have peace of mind as it will be all built ready to go.

Can’t wait.

Big thanks.

Fantastic. Enjoy. I am very tempted to change my case, even with our impeccable home cleanliness(!) the fans get dusty very quickly!