New release now showing in Roon

So here’s something that hasn’t happened to me before.
The new album from Billie Eilish is released today and shows in Tidal but is not appearing anywhere in Roon. I’ve synced my library but it’s nowhere to be found.
If I search her name only her EPs and singles appear. There are even some playlists with tracks from the album and everything is there except her. Very odd. Anyone got any clue what’s happening please?

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Looks like maybe some other artists are not showing too.

Actually not odd for Roon at all - this happens every week…

There can be up to a 40 hour delay with Tidal new releases showing up in Roon.

Up to, meaning some show up sooner, but some can take a couple days to show up in Roon.

It bugs me every week :slight_smile:

So while the rest of the world is listening to one of the most anticipated releases this year, you’ll need to wait for it to show up in Roon and have a listen via the Tidal app…

The Roon explanation of why it can take up to 40 hours, is here:

Ok thanks for the info. I’ve never noticed it happen before. Pretty annoying. Back to Tidal I go then…

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Would be lovely to be able to use just one app, one day…


Come on folks. You guys would complain about a cure to cancer. This is not the end of the world. Roon is at the mercy of Tidal here. Are you really that impatient? And, if you are, just used the Tidal app or web interface…


It’s not that I’m that impatient, I just wondered why it was happening as I’d never experienced it before. And I do tend to check out new releases on the day of release.
And if there is one thing I hope for in my lifetime, it’s a cure for cancer.


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A bit of a lazy comment mate but this is the world we live in… If you checked the link I shared you may see something like:

“Hi Roon Team

As you all know from all my glowing posts, I love all your work.”


First world problems indeed so I don’t want to blow things out of proportions too much but Roon is about the best user experience.”


“As per my dedicated thread on this issue - this is not a complaint. I’m just trying to help make the Roon experience better.


As always, I greatly appreciate all the great hard work happening behind the scenes to improve the experience for all users.”

Nice, this one didn’t take the full 2 days.

I thought it was a cool listen. Overall quite different to most of the popular trending sounds at the moment, I thought.

Lazy? I was not commenting on anything but this thread and what was in this thread. What does it matter what you wrote in another thread? Am I supposed to read everyone of your posts before I comment in a thread you post in? I think not.

Also, “folks” does not equate to you alone anyway.

Forgot to add… here is a revolutionary concept that I know some may struggle to grapple with…

If a particular thread about an issue or feature request (subjectively big or small) is of no interest to you and doesn’t affect your listening in any way and where you can’t add any value to the discussion, you are free to not comment on that thread and just ignore the thread completely…


Your comments are really really helpfull…
Maybe it crossed your mind that threads with problems in Roon, small or big, just helps the Roon team to improve their product. Your comments are not usefull in any way.

no worries i didn’t like it compared to her first ep…it shows in my roon using tidal