New Releases 4/06 USA not displaying in Roon


New releases from today, April 6, have not populated in Roon as of 15:56 CDT in the USA.

I’ve accessed several directly from the Tidal app and they will show in Roon if I mark them as favorites.

I’ve restarted my core, but no change.

Anybody else having this problem? Any thoughts about what’s going on?

It’s been mentioned before that there can be a day (sometimes more) of lag with the Tidal API, which I completely understand. Even Audirvana’s Tidal releases lag a bit.

But I’m not sure I’ve seen an explanation why Roon even lags Audirvana’s Tidal releases? @joel ?

I have the same faulty behavior, roon does not show the latest TIDAL releases, refresh, core reboot and restart were without success. Why is this and what can I do?

This probably answers our questions (non API related and is being worked on):