New Roon Version on QNAP App Store

I believe this is the version with security fixes. Anyone installed it? Issues?

Thanks in advance.

I have installed it and it’s working now…

Just installed. Works perfectly.

Roon Server is not shown in QNAP App Store for me.
Might it be related to not compatible system requirements, so apps are only available if system requirements are given?
Tanks for your help

It doesn’t make sense to offer an app for a system it can’t run on, so yes this is possible. It is known to not show for systems based on incompatible ARM processors for example.

Hi @William_Coney , @Chrislayeruk , @Nicola_Sforza,
To what version are you referring to?

C.Rieke version from 2021-05-18 with manual installation or normal installation via App shop.

I’ve C.Riekes manual installation running and QNAP doesn’t show me an update.
I’m just confused and yes my QNAP is for sure able to run Roon because it’s the QNAP recommended NAS.
Maybe I didn’t see it because it’s already installed and the exact same version.

Unfortunately I cannot 100% agree to that - same TIDAL streaming skipping issues (like Win 10 Roon), but besides this it works fine as far I can say after 2 days.
It seems to me that Live Radio issues are better with QNAP version (at least at my location and gadgets; McIntosh Music Radio).

Update: Is the ffmpeg issue also fixed (you cannot play AAC files until you have modified the installation at least once), Thanks.

Exactly. No Update notification needed when you already run the latest version.

It is fixed (you can play AAC files) as soon as you yourself provide a ffmpeg version that supports AAC to the app. AFAIK the reason you have to do that, and there will be no other solution for it, is the same reason QNAP removed support for AAC and other codecs - to not get sued and not have to pay licensing fees.

To do so, open the app on your QNAP NAS, use the button and provide a ffmpeg version you downloaded. More information can be found in the other thread specific to that issue:

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So, I have done the automatic installation. On the WEB page of the NAS (Latest QTS version installed: - 2021/05/15), applications, the Roon update was available. I authorized the upgrade and the procedure did not show any problems.
I don’t use Tidal but Qobuz and have not had any problems as well as with Roon Radio which works perfectly. My infrastructure consists of a Huawei EchoLife HG8010 GPON connected to a Fritz! Box 7590 Router (FTTH 1Gb). Some TP Link and Netgear switches are connected on the network. The NAS is connected by combining the two Ethternet ports. Roon communicates with 3 systems: 1) via USB from the PC, 2) Via Raspberry with HAT HifiBerry Digi + PRO, 3) Via Raspberry USB.
The Roon version installed on the NAS is 1.8 Build 795 ver. V2021-05-18.

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My Qnap showed an upgrade to Roon in my Apps section. It also shows to be available via the Qnap store now.

You should know, that the qnap app is using the current Roon App, as a wrapper.
It’s not an update of Roon itself!

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Is the Update done automatically for those already using the app like in the past?

Only if you changed the settings for App Centre to “Install all upgrades automatically”, I think. Else you get an update notification – only if needed of course.