New Tidal Releases Not Showing Yet

Ever since I have been a Roon subscriber I see new Tidal offerings every Friday. I realize that it takes a little more time for the MQA (Masters) offerings to populate but this week it is different. I may be missing something but I swear if I select the “New” button it still shows last weeks new Tidal offerings. If I open the Tidal app which I normally never do I can see what I believe are todays new releases. I have opened and closed Roon a couple of times but still no “new” Tidal content showing. Any thoughts?

Can’t find the post with details on this but as I remember it the Roon team has to wait for Tidal to provide them a download file and then they have to process it. The wait for Tidal to provide the download file can sometimes be 24 hours and the processing takes another 2 or 3 hours so sometimes it can be Saturday before all the new information is processed.

Having said that I just found and played Linda Ronstadt’s Live In Hollywood album which was released today so clearly it does not always take more than a day.


That Linda Ronstadt album is the one I see in the Tidal app but is not showing up listed in Roon under “What’s New” and “New”. Are you seeing this listed under new or did you do a search?

I did a search based on a report about playback issues with it. I don’t check the “What’s New” & “New” pages very often.

Looks like my assumption that being able to find it via search meant it had been processed and was in the database was wrong.

Sorry … Tim

One day later and it still appears that Roon does not show any new Tidal releases this week.

This is a huge frustration for me on a weekly basis (Friday and Saturday new releases). It’s a first world problem of course and I fortunately have trusty Audirvana which has no delay, to play all these Fri/Sat releases whenever I want.

There can be up to a 40 hour delay for new releases to show in Roon, as explained here:

Why? A little patience goes a long way my dear Aussie Sean. Just wait until Saturday. Or if you cannot wait, go to Tidal own app, favorite all new weekly albums you like, they will show on Roon right away

Hehe if only this would work, things would be so easy old friend - and Brian would have mentioned it in that post above . Check out that post of Brian for the full explanation of the potential ~40 hour delay. So even if you favourite the new releases in the Tidal app, you can still be waiting up to 40 hours for the reasons Brian explains.

It’s not a showstopping problem for me because I have the Audirvana + Tidal solution I can use (just switch my Rendu to UPnP mode).

As I said , to put things into perspective, this is a first world problem, not life and death. But it would be great to never have to use Audirvana again ! :grin:

I can assure you that if I favorite something on Tidal, it will show on Roon right away. Just hit “sync now”. Trust me. I am impatient myself :wink:

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Be sure to look under individual genres. I’ve been doing this for awhile and discovering lots of great stuff that doesn’t show up on the main page, esp under electronic, rock, retro, world, jazz, etc. iow all the genres other than dance and hip hop…

That’s not what this topic is about. We are talking about new Friday/Saturday releases…

You will need to experience this with a brand new release like the album the OP mentions, to understand how this is a different thing.

I know what you’re referring to and indeed that is immediate and not an issue.

Check out Brian’s post where he explains the potential 40 hour delay… and how there is no fix currently for it.

If there was no delay, Brian (the CTO) would have mentioned it you would think :slight_smile:

There may be something else going on here, relating to the metadata that we get from TIDAL; we’re looking into it. In the meantime, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Guys I have been seeing some new releases “every” Friday for over two years. This is the “first” time that no new releases were showing up in the “What New” offerings. Yes the MQA section took time to populate but I am not talking about MQA.

Something is odd this week,

Not seeing Ian Brown’s new album either

The CD and MQA versions of Ripples should now be available. This was simply latency from our receiving the metadata from TIDAL (quite late) and our metadata build/deployment process.

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