New TIDAL tiers and MQA

Yes, if there is some signature or mark that said there is MQA encoding here. I don’t know how that part of MQA works.

Possibly when talking about an IC, microprocessor, FPGA, etc. Silicon has gotten complicated and especially so with integrating multiple, usually distinct, processing stages onto a single chip.

It would really be great if everyone would simply listen to what they like and let the rest of us do the same. These back-and-forth arguments on the Roon customer forum are doing nothing to further your cause one way or the other. If you hate MQA so much, drop Tidal, and if necessary, drop Roon. Money talks.


Well, if it ever happened (which I admit is doubtful), saving Roon money can help them slow price increases. If more and more people use MQA decoding in Roon, it will cost Roon more and the subscription price will inevitably have to go up.

This is a very difficult one. It’s a double-edged sword.

If Tidal is sending me MQA I want to unfold it because it sounds better than leaving it alone. I get benefit from this Roon feature and I will leave it on.

That doesn’t mean I like MQA. It means, when presented with MQA, I’m going to avoid the inferior path.

Right. Personal choice.

Roon themselves doesn’t like MQA. From Roon:

I do not think MQA is good for the industry. I do not think anyone should have a closed codec in this position. It’s restrictive towards innovation.


So what? The CEO of Ford may not have liked the Mondeo… They gotta sell Motors…

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The point I was making is in response to your statement of:

Again, Roon themselves don’t like MQA and are vocal about that fact so it’s not as if anyone who also doesn’t like MQA need feel the least bit guilty about that, as you imply they should.

Roon also know many customers now and in the future do like and want MQA and so it is expedient to support it. This is a business and wide appeal is a good thing. What they choose to do in the end is up to them, I don’t care as I don’t use DSP and have full MQA decoders…

Roon does not have a time machine or crystal ball but I’m sure they do see the writing’s on the wall for the future MQA. Just like Tidal does.

It’s as if you think the owners of MQA are fools or something and they don’t know their business aims and plans. What’s in the pipeline, deals signed etc etc… I’m sure they know a lot more than most people about their own business. I’m sure they have connections throughout the music industry that you cannot imagine… So these simple assumptions based on hear say at best are of no interest to me.

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I don’t know if fools is the right word, maybe devious.

An assumption on your part.

Another assumption on your part.

Yet you just make assumptions about it yourself…

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The people running MQA aren’t fools at all.
Bob Stuart received over £400,000 last year, from a company making a £4.1 million loss.

I’d be pretty happy if I was him…


Hard to judge by those numbers. What was company profit? The loss could be investment (MQA promo, Tidal “donations” etc.)

Their financial statements are public and can be viewed on companies house.

They made £492k turnover. And had almost £4.6m of “administrative expenses”. £2.1m of which was wages. The highest paid director received £422k
The company is financially safe until 2022 due to additional £10m investment with another £5m proposed for the first half of 2022.

But the company is quite frankly haemorrhaging money. And has been for years. Luckily this year they ONLY lost £4m

The last few years:

2018: £4.6m loss on £376k turnover
2017: £7.07m loss on £149k turnover
2016: £3.7m loss on £29k turnover

So they need to improve their turnover:cost ratio by a factor of 10 before they can start making a profit.
And that’s not even looking at the £7m debt they currently hold.


Can this be still called a company or would that be already washing machine territory?

Seems chapter 11 is not to far off unless their investors can inject a healthy amount of $$ into the company or go puplic and persuade the average joe to buy their stock an get capital to stay afloat…

I am sure they have a solid business plan on how to be profitable down the line……or not….

I don’t know. Companies can be very creative with their P&L’s and balance sheets. Depreciation and amortization are wonderful tools for reducing profit in the interests of avoiding tax!

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So true! Wish I could do the same with my 49.5% income tax :man_facepalming:t3:


You’d only fritter it away on more hifi… :wink: