New to Roon, Questions regards my exsisting set up and if it will work or do I need additional equipment

you would or wouldn’t question the touchscreen SQ issue?? Looks like you meant to say I should be fine regardless. One of the things I am thinking is that purists say that with windows there are lots of processes running in the background that affect SQ. my strategy is to use Fidelizer to minimize those for improved SQ.

An people obsess about all sorts of things with regards to SQ. My advice would be to ask yourself if you are happy.
If you listen to the internet or even this forum you should be

  1. in Linux or ROCK due to lower number of processes
  2. Be on battery power as mains is bad
  3. Have regency, reclockers, reshapers at every interface
  4. Only listen to 24 but 192 files
  5. Etc etc
    Loads of people use touch screen devices and find no problems, when we ran in 486 processors then threads were bad but modern processors get lonely from lack of use. Also, I think your DAC is an auralic if I remember, you think those clever guys didn’t build with signal, power grunge in mind?
    Start simple would be my advice then listen and then experiment after.
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Ha ha well, I understand your point, this can be done in phases. Im certain I can enjoy as is. Sounds very good now. I’ll just use Fidelizer and Roon on my current PC for a while.

Over time when I get a new machine I can reinstall on new machine. the only thing is if I purchase Roon (Windows) can I download for Linux later? probably have to pay for it or stay with one OS.

You’re purchasing a license to use Roon Core, not a particular software package. You can always transfer your license between software environments/machines.

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I looked up the RAAT and I notice that my DAC (Auralic Original version silver) is not listed. Only the G1 and G2 are listed. Is the Auralic ok to use?

Any DAC is fine. Some are fully tested and certified.
Look up “roon ready”

Actually DACs are not Roon Ready that’s for endpoints using RAAT, DACs are Roon Tested.

So I have been in touch with a retailer and it looks like a Nucleus would work well in my system. I love the fact that it is good for technologically challenged people like me, but will it sound any better than a three hundred dollar dell laptop? seems obvious but…