New (was back in 2021) iFi Zen Stream device

The Holo maybe but the cost differential is almost 300% for that and 400% for the Neo.
All depends on what you want to spend.


Thank you very much for this, just ordered one :+1:t2:


If, in the end, all your music listening will be exclusively consumed through the Roon architecture, then there’s really no easier streamer to setup and forget IMO. I’ve had my STREAM since the beginning of the year with no issues except for the ones I cause through tinkering. I should say my system is quite meager though, with the STREAM fed via USB to a Gustard X16 DAC. That’s all attached to a Yamaha RX-V6A with a pair of Klipsch KLF20s and a pair of SVS SB3000s, so obviously someone with more equipment to deal with may have more difficulty and hiccups. Just my 2 bucks.


Are people leaving the Stream powered on or on only while playing?

I left mine on a few days ago and it became non responsive and i had to pull the power to reboot.

I leave mine on 24/7. I’ve not had a problem.

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I have started to turn mine off when not in use as it is now in a different room of the house and used a little less.

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Is it ok to get warmish? what power do you use? Now I have a iPowerx 12v. The Zen Dac powered via usb it was warm to hot, after upgraded to 9v ipowerx was cold all the time. 200M was warmer but after switch to fixed mode now it is cold.
Thanks, hope it was not answered

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I went from the 15v standard PSU to the 12v iPower X and I find it cooler to the touch.
Now that I swapped the MA Mini I Pro 3 with the Zen neither get as much play as I am in the office most days. So I turn them both off when not in use
Both work great and would be happy with either