No Web Browser Access for Roon Core?

Even on the same PC/Mac running Roon Core, I find the need to open multiple windows, to compare albums, review track version, read Overview while changing tracks whatnot, but it’s severely limiting when Roon doesn’t allow any of this to happen without a multiple window or tabbed browsing features.

Others have echoed the need to have tabbed browsing in this Feature Request post.

Just to confirm, I have the following questions:

  1. Is there currently no way to access Roon Core (not ROCK) via web browser within the same network?

  2. If installing ROCK is the ONLY way, could someone confirm that ROCK does allow the use of multiple web browser tabs to access Roon Core?

I can confirm that ROCK does not allow web browser access at all except for the simple admin web page. Nor any other core.

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So, depending on whether you like to tinker, there are ways to get this working… Mike Plugge wrote a really cool browser-based remote for some use cases. But this is pure community-based stuff, and you have to be just a little bit handy with Linux. May not be what you’re looking for, but if you’re interested in tinkering this may be what you’re looking for:


Roon doesn’t have a web ui for many reasons. So no you can’t do that on Rock you have to use the remote app like on anything else. I don’t have issues running remote on my laptop and using a browser for other searches or other apps. Having the core on another device is what you need to do to make it a smoother experience.

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Hi @Johnny_Ooooops yes this is exactly what I am looking for, a way to control Roon via browser based interface so I can multi-task Roon.

Unfortunately I am already stuck on the first line of the Installation instructions on the github page, ie.

Ensure that Node.js version 6.x or higher is installed.

Oh mine, I need someone with OSX knowledge to show step-by-step on how to accomplish this on OSX’s Terminal app.

I think I will check out the 434 posts in the Roon forum to see if anyone has a more detailed breakdown on how to accomplish this on OSX.

Thanks for the tip thought!

I’ve always wondered why not. Seems that it would be simple enough?

Plex does but it’s a lot slower to use and populate but makes it more flexible. Likely because of how they render stuff like a game engine does to make it look all snazzy I am sure it’s doable with some effort. Would placate the Linux users thats for sure.

You must be looking at a different Roon to me! For all the talk of ‘game engine rendering’ the Roon interface is incredibly static, with only the waveform progress bar moving along. There is nothing there that could not be done via modern web page design. They could fix some of the clunky oversize fonts and weird line-break titles spacing while they were at it.


From what I gather OP is trying to do, the web controller is probably too limited. It is mostly for playback controls TBH even though it does have some limited library browsing functionality.

I’d suggest for the OP to just use some other device (phone, tablet) that you probably have at hand as a secondary, full-fledged Roon controller.

And there’s absolutely no difference between e.g. ROCK, core on a Mac or a Nucleus - the feature sets are identical when it comes to operating the system.

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And I thank the developers for that.

The “like a game engine” comment has been taken far too far. The only thing that seems to be like a game engine is that they draw everything into some kind of OpenGL canvas and the only job of the OS is to render it within an OS window. Which gives them the same look on all platforms. (As opposed to applications that use the native OS toolkit and tell the OS “draw a menu here and a button there” and it’s the OS that puts it all together)

Which always annoys iOS users because it’s not native. Personally I like the way Roons apps are the same across all platforms.

Don’t like how native apps differ from platform to platform for instance the Naim app on Android is very different to on iOS.

Yeah, I like it too, but there is not much “it’s like a game engine” about it.

Yes, as stated above it is good for cross platform compatibility, but doesn’t stand up to scrutiny as a marketing claim. I thought that Apple were abandoning opengl?

I’m sure the framework they use will have a backend for another Apple screen renderer as well. If that’s Metal or whatever else. And they will have continued supporting OpenGL anyway

I am a new Roon user, so I am not familiar with previous version history, but yes, these things seem quite strange to me:

  1. Oversize fonts – is there a particular / functional reason that the fonts are so big or there is no font size control?

  2. Weird line-break titles – I thought it was just me, and not just this, I was also wondering why the whole album art / title area are designed like this with so much wasted space.

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This all happened a while back (Feb '21) when the interface received a major ‘museum-look’ makeover with v1.8. Yes there have been complaints and requests for some flexibility but they have been largely ignored. There were complaints about the colour scheme and the font sizes and all the dead unused screen space.
One user (or two) worked out how to change the colours in the tinkering section (Themes Category), but proceed with caution if you want to try this. I don’t think that the bizarre line breaks in titles has ever been mentioned. I suspect it may be something to aid cross-platform compatibility but that is pure speculation on my part.

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Oh yes they have been :slight_smile:

By Roon I meant. Have Roon ever explained why the spacing in titles is so odd and have never been fixed?

Ah, I thought complaints :slight_smile: No I don’t think they ever said. I’m also speculating it’s to do with portrait mode