Noob Question on Room v Headphone Zone

I have a Mytek Liberty DAC fed from my Macbook Pro. I would like to have a zone for my headphones with crossfeed and EQ (using the headphone out on the DAC) and a zone for my amplifier/speakers without crossfeed or EQ being fed from the DAC’s audio-outs.

Is it possible to set up 2 zones to accomplish this? If so, any help on navigating the menus to set this up?

I don’t know the Mytek products but probably not as Roon usually supports only one zone per output device or more precisely way of playback like e.g,: RoonReady, ChromeCast, AirPlay, … You can use DSP Presets (top left in DSP screen) to store the different setups of Roon’s DSP engine for your two use cases and quickly switch between them (works even when Roon is controlled from a phone). A quick look at the signal path when you start a listening session can tell you if your setup is correct or not.

I had a good go at setting up what you’re after and have settled on a set of DSP presets as described by @BlackJack. My setup includes DSP presets for particular headphone EQ, some for Room EQ and some combinations, e.g. Chromecast sample rate conversion and headphone EQ. While it looks complicated it works well in practice, you can usually hear when something’s off. Here’s a DSP screenshot:

BTW, I don’t own loads of headphones I’m just rubbish at deleting stuff.

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