NUC/ROCK or SonicTransporter?

Don’t confuse an Intel NUC with Roon’s Nucleus. SonicTransporter is a different story. So in total, talking about three machines.

Roon’s Nucleus runs Roon’s OS, ROCK, and can run only Roon.

As I stated above, an Intel NUC with WIN10 can run any Windows programs you want.

I can’t hear the fan on my NUCs from 6 inches away.

This business about NUCs getting dust on the fan is a bunch of hooey. You don’t need a fanless case.

For example, here’s what I have -

i5 NUC -

i3 NUC -

Most happy with setup, for Roon core and to use JShiver (or Plex or Kodi) to watch 4K movies.

Putting the NUC together involves removing 4 case screws and top, plugging in the RAM modules (they only go in one way), plugging in an M.2, and installing WIN10. The hardest part is dealing with the sub-microscopic screw that holds in the M.2.

My bad–I forgot to mention the option of installing WIN10 on the NUC. (Although, there is the added expense…)

Thanks for the detailed list of your components! If I do go with the NUC, I would go with the 8GB of RAM, since it is relatively inexpensive. I noticed you went with two 4GB, as opposed to one 8GB–or is that one stick for each NUC?

My location is a storage room that stays pretty clean–So I am not overly concerned with dust. It is nice to know that I have the option for a fanless case down the road and I like the idea of rack mounting it…

Even with WIN10, the Intel NUC is cheapest, by far.

No, 8gb per machine. The memory is dual channel, which means for performance reasons one should use 2 sticks to fulfill memory requirements, e.g. two 4gb sticks for 8gb or two 8gb sticks for 16gb.

Understand completely. I have a rack down in the basement where I have, among other things, my Onkyo 7.1 receiver for movie watching, three amps for same, a pfSense machine, and a file server. Everything out of the way where it’s generally cooler, temperature wise, and they can make as much noise as they want.

My NUCs sit upstairs, connected to the network, but near the flat screens so I can run HDMI to them.

One other thing, although Roon core needs to run from SSD and generally where the OS is, the music files can be in a different spot. I store my files on a NAS, but an external USB 1TB HDD goes for around $50.

Check out this post

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Sir, respectfully, so what? If dust can get in, it can get out, i.e. with a Dustbuster.

The dust issue is environmental. Sure, not having a fan helps the situation but is hardly a differentiator (for me). I have a nearly dustless house (by design) and anything with a fan lives in another room so it/they cannot be heard.

Sorry agillis but I would encourage you to focus on the true differentiators like the simple to setup/already setup OS and players choices, support, any sound quality enhancements done to the hardware, etc. Perhaps you have earlier in the thread…but the dust issue is a problem better solved by other means than eliminating the fan.

Locating the NUC/PC well above the floor helps a bunch. There is not much dust near the ceiling.

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Consider a Asrock Deskmini 110 or the newer 310 it is only a little bigger than a NUC and cheaper.
The advantage of the Deskmini is that it useses a desktop CPU. The Stock desktop cooler is pretty quiet. Definitely quieter than a NUC. I have been running one for a year now.
I wrote about it here:

Thanks, nice little bare bones machines. I’m really quite happy with my older PC i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, total watts idle 40W, ~50W playing music with convolution but no up-sampling running ROCK.

So to buy something new it would need to improve sound quality AND save power to make it worthwhile.

It lives in a backroom closet, fanless is of no benefit to me, I don’t care what it looks like either. I’ve not tried any of the $$$ dedicated streamers that run Roon yet…for the money, they had better up the SQ considerably but I’m not finding anyone that says more than the usual audiophile descriptions of slightly more air or those that exclaim night and day difference. I’d rather put the $ where the gain will truly be realized, not I think it maybe kinda sounds better.

Agree it is better to put your money elsewhere.
The deskmini + i5 7600 idle at 13-16W so it does save on power but hardly enough to get any ROI.

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Is the ASRock cheaper once you have sprung for a processor though? I would have thought that its biggest asset is the ability to move away from the dual core processors a NUC ties you to!

Yes it is cheaper, faster and more silent than a NUC. and it can be much cheaper if you go for a pentium.

My plan was to get the taller NUC and install a 2.5" HDD?

You won’t be sorry for choosing the NUC, but out of curiosity why not an M2?

You can’t put music on the M.2 using ROCK – you need the 2.5" for that.

Aha, see I would never counsel using ROCK over WIN10 (for a home built machine), but I guess people like the single dedicated purpose idea of ROCK. :sunglasses:

This is but one small disadvantage of ROCK. The value of the appliance model for me is its focus on a solitary function. No Windows updates to worry about changing/breaking this function.

In my system it sounds less adulterated vs. Windows running on the same hardware, cables, etc. I have two older 120GB SSD so I switched back and forth several times. The drives are identical and not labeled as well :wink:

Count me in among that number. :grinning:

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I thought I would buy into the whole program, and install ROCK, with my music on the 2.5”…


And me too.

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