NUC/ROCK update ready to be installed

I have a popup that an update is ready to be downloaded on my NUC/ROCK. The only post from Roon I saw was on the hotfix for platforms other that Rock.

What am I missing. Rock is on build 1223.

@Mike_LC, do you have any other computers running Windows, Mac, or Linux as Remotes? If so, is this popup referring possibly to these devices? I am on an earlyaccess build so cannot confirm what you are seeing with 1223.

Looks like this hotfix actually applies to all cores. My ROCK took the update and is working fine.

Yes roon on my windows 10 laptop but only used as a remote. I expected the laptop to get the update but my concern is that rock has an update queued up as well. The post said no updates for Rock unless I misread it.

That’s good to know. Maybe its a placebo update to keep the build numbers in sync.

As Jim posted above the latest build is 1232.

Even though the update is not for Roon OS, I wonder if these devices are patched to maintain a common Build on the production track. Glad to see @AudioDreamer received the patch and there were no issues.