NUC10i7FNH - New server arrived!

New server arrived!

guys it is with great pleasure that I introduce you all to my new server!
And the latest NUC model, it’s crazy.

  • Os Ubuntu server 19.10
  • 1 Tb nvme
  • 512 GB ssd
  • 32 GB ram

I’ll leave you some pictures

And here some nice photos under spoiler (they are naked)



Steve, I’ve been waiting for someone to figure out how to make the NUC10i7FNH work with ROON. It’s the NUC I’ve been targeting. I’m not an OS Jockey so I have a couple of questions. Did you consider using the ROON OS? If so, why did you run with Ubuntu? I would appreciate any insight you might have. Thanks.


If I had to guess it’s prob because with that much power in that tiny box he can run other applications at the same time. Not something you can do with ROCK.

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Hi, Bob,

I don’t use the RoonServer OS because I need to run many other applications. The power of this NUC is impressive and in my opinion running it only for Roon is a waste of resources.

Currently (and I haven’t finished installing everything yet) I have installed and use this software:

  • TightVNC
  • Samba
  • Pihole + DnsCrypt
  • Roon
  • Hombridge
  • Virtualbox
  • OpenVPN Server
  • QbitTorrent
  • Jdownloader2
  • Kodi

And more…

Thanks Steve. Makes sense to me.

I have the same , only diff is that it’s 64GB,
Running as a ESXi host + VCenter, Roon is an ubuntu VM on it

Running great, really powerful machine.

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With ESXi can you have the HDMI and Audio port in native mode or is it emulated?