NUC6i3SYH with 4GB RAM

I have a NUC6i3SYH laying around and wonder if this is too slow for ROCK installation? My music library is about 65 GB only.
Should I uprade to 8GB RAM will this help?

Another option is Intel NUC i5-4250U (Model D54250WYK) includes 4GB RAM 64GB SSD. I think this is about the same speed as that of NUC6i3SYH, right? I can buy a used one on ebay for around $200.

Endpoints – mainly KEF LS50W speakers. And maybe one or two Roon Remote running on Android tablet and a PC computer.
Appreciate if you can tell me if this is okay. Or I need a faster CPU?

The NUC6i3 will be perfectly fine for running ROCK with a collection that size (and offer plenty of room to grow).

No need upgrading the RAM as well – unless your collection grows to, say, 50K+ tracks, Roon won’t use it.

Thanks for your prompt reply. How about NUC i5-4250U (Model D54250WYK) includes 4GB RAM 64GB SSD is this also sufficient or too slow a CPU?

When you say unless your collection grows to 50K+ tracks, what does this mean? 50,000 albums/tracks?

THanks, Larry

50.000 tracks. And even then.

Larger libraries will ask a bit more the Core machine – but a 95GB collection will be fine with either machine.

Note that while it will probably work OK, the D54250WYK is not officially supported by Roon for running ROCK. See this page of the knowledge base for officially sanctioned hardware:

It will also most likely work fine on D54250WYK i tested that a year ago and posted about it here.

Decided to buy a used NUC on ebay: Intel NUC5I7RYH - Core i7 i7-5557U 3.10 GHz 16 GB DDR3L SDRAM - ADATA 480GB SSD
Is this okay though SSD is not on M.2 slot. Does it matter?
Plan to install ROCK on this NUC.
Then, I will need to have a USB drive to store the music library because 2.5" slot is occupied

Any inputs will be appreciated. Thanks.

SSD will work very well :+1:

As you’ve mentioned, you’ll need another drive to store your music file and you’ll be sorted :joy:

Thanks for the quick reply, appreciate it. So no speed difference between ADATA SSD or M.2 SSD then. Just that I lost the 2.5" internal harddisk slot for music library storage. Library can be on USB removable drive or on NAS.

Another question, how difficult is it to install ROCK? (1) Flash updated Bios: (2) Add Codec
I am a little unsure about adding Codes. Is this done through the Roon OS web interface? Thanks, Larry

How To Add Codecs: Step By Step

  1. Download ffmpeg - Roon will need access to the required codecs via the /Data/Codecs/ directory. You will need to download these codecs on another computer before placing them on ROCK.
  2. Connect To Roon OS - Roon OS exposes a shared network folder called Data . You can access this SMB share by following the instructions here here.
  3. Copy Codecs to Roon OS - Place the ffmpeg file in the Codecs folder, which you can find in Roon OS’s Data directory

And is this where I get the Codec file?

Another seller on ebay has this to offer: Intel nuc 5i7ryh + 16GB mem + 256GB SSD M.2 drive. But I do not see this NUC5i7xxx listed as one of the supported NUC. Does this mean, it might be an issue? Maybe best to avoid using this NUC for ROCK?