NUC7i7DNKE Configuration

I promise I’ve tried to search first!

What SSD and RAM do need add if I get the NUC7i7DNKE? The prices on external SSDs have come down a lot recently and I plan to get an 2TB Samsung T5 to store my music on.

Forgive my stupidity, but will I be able to feed music to a Squeezebox touch from ROCK on a NUC?

Thanks for your help!

You may also search for NUC7i7DNHE. Are you sure you don’t need the 2.5" drive bay (that I think is missing from the NUC7i7DNKE)?

8GB should be enough for ROCK. Also look at this example:

I thought the 2.5" drive bay was for if you wanted to store the music in the NUC. Am I wrong?


That’s true. I’m planning on getting the slim nuc myself, since all my music is stored on my NAS. In that case, you can go with a slim-version nuc with a 64gb system drive (m.2 form factor) and 8gb og memory. I’ve not found drives smaller than 120gb though, seems the 64gb versions are harder to come by these days. But bigger can’t hurt :slight_smile:

Is there any reason a fanless version like NUC7i7DNFE from wouldn’t work? Would the Wifi module be used for anything?


If it’s based on the same motherboard AS the regular Intel nuc, it should work perfectly :slight_smile:

Unless the hardware happened to be standard in a previous ROCK-supported NUC motherboard, I guess ROCK probably may not have the driver to support such extra hardware.

I guess whether wifi works or not wouldn’t really make a huge difference. You’d want Gbit Ethernet on your core anyhow, and in most cases it’d be cabled to your wifi router or access point for wireless control from clients.