NUC8 / Intel® Wireless-AC 9560 / Linux driver wifi

Oh no I do indeed “get it”. I read and understood the FAQ before i put my ROCK environment together, and asked on this forum if my proposed hardware configuration was OK to double check my understanding of the FAQs and at the time my NUC8i7 was supported, and I had no troubles getting it working. Others were not so lucky and support for NUC8 was withdrawn pending a solution.

What you are demanding is that somebody tells you how to install the Intel Linux WiFi drivers into ROCK. The provision to modify, tinker with or add/replace drivers in ROCK has never been provided as far as I am aware.

As I said in my first post I am happy to be proven wrong, and if I do I will not come across as patronising, short tempered, or entitled. I don’t know why you quote €500, when the cost is $500 (which was £385 when I paid two weeks ago), more like €450 - a bargain!

Anyway, I wish you good luck, this will be my last comment on this topic.

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ROCK is a locked down OS and cannot be modified in any way by the end user. For ROCK to have the new Intel WiFi drivers, Roon will need to integrate them into the ROCK build. The only ones who can answer when or if that will happen is Roon themselves; and they have already ready been notified earlier in the thread. So be patient until they can respond.

Imho, I doubt that they will patch in the drivers and put it through testing in any short time frame. So, if you need to get this build done “now”, then I would suggest a Linux build like Ubuntu where you can load the drivers yourself.

The Nucleus OS is different that the ROCK OS. There are features in Nucleus that do not exist in ROCK. Also, the lack of WiFi was a choice made by Roon when designing the Nucleus, not as a side effect of the case or other engineering limitation.
Please read the Nucleus white paper for more information :


I’m not adding WiFi support past what’s already there, as we do not want anyone to use it and then come to us with issues. You can work around it using a bridge, but at least then you will know you did something bad if it doesn’t perform.

The only other issue is this issue of the BIOS showing no legacy boot, or not having it uncheckable. Many have not at this issue and those who have have silently gone away and failed to produce forensics that would help us determine why (screenshots, videos, serial numbers, intel support conversation logs, etc…).

I’m willing to ignore the BIOS “legacy vs UEFI boot” issue until we have further real evidence it is real, and the WiFi support is not being added. I’m unaware of any other issues at hand with the NUC8iXBE line, so my recommendation is to have @mike put it back on the supported list, with the caveat that WiFi only works on the older NUCs.

If any other issues are found, let us know by opening another topic and telling us what’s wrong.


This is done.


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