Nucleus+ Speeds Comparison. PLEASE POST YOURS

@Kristofa your unit is defective. My Nucleus makes zero noise. I have it running 24/7. I get up @3:30 am and my house and Nucleus is complete silent.

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Yes, I think it is defective as well. But I guess not defective enough for Roon. I am rather disappointed.

It’s not necessarily defective, but I don’t think it’s operating as designed and certainly not as intended. My understanding was the Nucleus was supposed to be a listening room appliance; meaning it is supposed to exist on your rack with all your other components and therefore be silent. If it has coil whine, it should be replaced by the vendor you bought it from.

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I bought it from Roon, and they seem to disagree with us. I was rather surprised them they told me it was a very powerful computer and Roon has always stated that computers should not be in the listening environment. This goes against the white paper description of the Nucleus design and intention, but I don’t remember them responding to my pointing that out. Needless to say, I am disappointed in the non-resolution of this issue, and they even told me they are sure I am disappointed with their conclusion.

I don’t like feeling dismissed by a company after spending thousands, but it is what it is.

Whats more annoying is buying a top $$ monitor with a dead pixel or two right in the middle of the frame - you just cannot unsee it. Probably a bit like listening for coil whine, though I’m sure with a bit of rearranging you could probably minimise it. Its not like you have to stare at it.

Good analogy, Mike.

As matter of Interest it might worth moving it to another power socket away from the hifi and see if it still makes the noise and rule out any interference fon that outlet. Stranger things have happened, perhaps some DC leakage on the mains as that can cause PSUs to hum more. If your using an after market PSU try it with the original supplied one does it still make the noise?

Thanks CrystalGipsy. I think I have tried everything. I even placed it in its own socket, away from the stereo, and on a grounded extension not connected to anything but power (no network, no library, no internet). The sound it a 3-4 second cyclical pulse (like a small surge?) and not a constant coil whine like some laptops and such exhibit.

Here is a small clip of the sound.

I haven’t tried a different power supply though. I have only used the one that came with it.

Over the years I have gone back and forth between remaining with Roon Core running on my iMac vs. finally getting a Nucleus.

Reading a thread like this makes me want to save my money. No advantage gained. Lost sale for Roon and agreed disappointing customer service.

Actions have consequences and potential purchasers like myself take these things into consideration.

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To be fair to Roon (or to the Nucleus) there don’t appear to be many complaints like this. But I agree, it seems strange that Roon wouldn’t provide a replacement if only to see if there really is a problem with the original unit. Seems like it would be little skin off their nose.

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Absolutely. If I have appeared unfair to Roon or the Nucleus, that was not my intention.

Just disappointed in Roon and the Nucleus.

Hey all,
I just wanted to state that Roon took care of me without a dime more coming out of my pocket. My situation is resolved.


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What was the solution?

I sent the Nucleus+ to New York, they ran analysis on it, let me know there was a higher than normal “click” measurement (and supplied the spectrum graph for me) which they offered to swap in a new board. I accepted. Since I have had it back, I can hear something if I place my ear very close to it, but the issue I had that was so pronounced is gone, so I am pleased. Thanks, Roon!


It is actually more stable too. Far fewer storage scan hang ups, drop outs, and crashes. Likely unrelated, but a pleasant side effect perhaps.

I have a Nucleus+. Not a sound coming from the device itself (or power supply) regardless what I do. I has been on for several years.

After the board replacement on mine, it is still very quiet. I don’t have an issue anymore. I now understand what other Nucleus owners are experiencing in terms of having a quiet Nucleus.

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