Opinion Please - Which server for Roon with HQPlayer

Do uou have the precise address or name? The one I have joined, and had done a couple of weeks back, is called Audiophile Style. Searching fro Computer Audiophile Forum just brings up loads of forums and I have not found one that is HQPlayer based. I have even searched Signalyst for such a forum and cannot see one.

kind regards

OP means Original Poster.

Audiophile Style is the new name for Computer Audiophile.

It is hard to tell you whether the Prestige 3 will enable you to run your current settings in HQPlayer (DSD 128, unknown modulators or filters) without knowing:

  • what modulators and filters you intend to use in HQPlayer. Personally I think you and your husband would love the EC modulators, most people do;

  • the hardware specification of the Prestige 3.

For anyone getting a server, I would suggest aiming for a performance point above their current equipment. That will extend the useful life of the new equipment.

As to hardware specification, generally speaking an i7 or i9 (these are Intel CPU models) should run your current settings, depending on what filters you are using in HQPlayer. You will have to check with Mr. Gillis as to what the CPU in the version you are considering actually is, because he doesn’t appear to publish such information.


I would look at the sonicTransporter i9 from Small Green Computer. It is a great platform from Roon and HQPlayer and is super reliable and easy to maintain through a web-based interface.


Thank you. I have been lookming at it and can get it from the same man here in UK.

Thank you kindly.

Thank you kindly, AndyBob o. Yes I knlow aboit the i’s having been using Macs for years. I am gloing for the extreme model as it’s perfroms much higher than the Nucleus. I will ask him later today about the powewr-i5, 7 or 9 etc.

will let yoiu know,

Servers with HQPlayer Embedded and likely also possibility to run Roon Core at the same time can be found on HQPlayer Embedded product page under heading “Hardware with HQPlayer Embedded pre-installed”:

The sonicTransporter i9 has an i9-9900 CPU. This is very fast and has no problem running HQPlayer and Roon at the same time.

It really nice to have just one box to run both.

The Rendu is a music player that you attach to a USB DAC. It has a very clean USB output (much cleaner then a computer) and it makes your DAC sound better.

As a bonus the sonicTransporter i9 has optical networking. If you use this with our opticalRendu you get optical network isolation as well. You could get the same result with an opticalRendu + an Ethernet switch with an SFP port but it’s nice to have a direct connection.

Original Poster … ie the person that created the topic.

HQPlayer up to what DSD and filter.Would run very warm if heavy sampling with fanless case ?

I use DSD 128, DSD 5, and poly-sinc-short mp. I have no need to higher than 128. it seems tho that no matter the power being used the servers do not get hot ht fans.even wi PCM 32/384 and DSD128 are e highest my DAC can handle.

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By way of experiment, try out the following settings in HQPlayer:

Oversampling filters (1x, Nx):


The ext2 filter and EC modulators are very popular settings. I like ext2 and ASDM7EC.

The EC modulators are demanding, so it is possible they may be problematic for the MBP, but you would be able to use them at DSD128 with an i9 server.

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The modulators I could use with my poly-sinc-mp. not with ext2 or ext. kept popping loiudly and stopping play.

I could not hear any difference when using the EC modulators…

I tested all this whilst wearing GRADO GS 1000e cans. I have not found a opair of closed I could stand. Audeze I thought dreadful tho this was before my head trauma and they may have been open. But I tried some very high end closed and none were as good as Grados .

OH, I could hear my MBPro spinning or the fan whirring which I don’t normally. This happened last time I c hanged settings in a similar way to your suggestion. As I could hera no difference I am not concerned and am happy with the settings I have.

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I should first of all say I have had little sleep for 3 nights now and the sleep has been without oxygen and in my armchair. 2-3hrs. I say this in case what I am about to write is unreasonable. It feels reasonable to me but I also feel wound up.

I don’t understand why a very simple question has yet to be answered. I ‘own’ licences for Roon and HQP.

I had Roon when I bought this current laptop which I would not have done had I understood that I would have been better off with the i7 or i9 6-8cores. No one said anything so I didn’t know. However, I am very happy with the sound using the settings I have in HQPlayer which is plugged into Roon and I use it exclusively for playback.

I have reads the licence agreement and of course it’s in legalise so I am not sure if I get it.
I think I can have HQPlayer on two machines, if one is for back up. I am not interested really in having two set ups. I just want one.

I need to know the answer to this simple question: can I put HQPlayer on another machine? i.e. download it and then put in my licence? Once I was sure it was working I’d delete it.

I do not need a server with HQP embedded. The server I have in mind has HQPlayer on it. I would just need to add my licence just the same as I did with Roon when changing to a new Mac.

I can see the logic of using a server and not a laptop for my Core and audio needs. I am just frustrated that I have asked this question and it hasn’t been answered. Being to look at a list of machines which are all out of my price range that has HQP embedded wasn’t an answer. I don’t need an embedded machine. I just need to transfer a licence. This must be possible because what if this laptop gets irrtriebly damaged ot stolen or lost? or just upgraded as I do frequently. Surely I would not have to buy HQP licence again ?

I hope I have been clear and reasonable.

HQPlayer Desktop yes, as long as all computers are in your possession and only one copy is running at a time.

Thank you kindly. Does this include any server I may choose to buy? I do not mean the type of server that others can access, I mean the type I keep all my music on with Roon and HQPlayer on?

Not sure I understand the question. As long as it can run HQPlayer 4 Desktop.

Servers discussed here are running HQPlayer 4 Embedded.

Hi Jussi-sorry I wasn’t clear. I wasn’t sure if you meant only computers.

Yes, I mean Deskop on a server

The gentleman I am dealing with has emailed you at your jussi.laako address. As he is the computer buff who has built the Prestige 3, he best able to explain.

kind regards

I believe those run HQPlayer 4 Embedded. I’m not sure if they could also run HQPlayer 4 Desktop.