Performance difference between ROCK and Roon Server

Hi there - I currently have Roon ROCK running on a beelink SEi mini PC which has an Intel i5 8259U cpu. I also have a fanless NUC running on my desktop with the same chip, it currently runs linux. I was wondering about consolidating between the two devices, running both Roon Server on Linux on the fanless NUC and I would then use the beelink for something else down the line.

I would continue to run linux, probably Ubuntu thought and install Roon server, and also attach a 4tb SSD for storate. I would just normally try it, however I think the beelink has a better SSD m2, and would need to take both machines apart using the best components in the fanless NUC. So, before I do that, am I likely to see any difference in performance between Roon ROCK and roon server?

ROCK is a bespoke Linux OS designed solely to run Roon Server, and doesn’t have the overhead of mainstream Linux distributions, e.g., no desktop environment such as that you use with your NUC.

Nonetheless, Roon Server, which is the same whether you’re running ROCK or Ubuntu, is not demanding on the CPU. So, you should be fine switching over to Ubuntu (if you share your library size and details of any DSP you use, you’ll get a more informed response.)

I suggest you install Roon Server on the NUC, restore a backup from the Beelink, and give it a try.

Thanks @Martin_Webster, I have 100k tracks in my library. I occasionally upscale on my main stereo endpoint, up to 256 dsd, but I also have the option of using an alternatve machine with HQPlayer instead to reduce the load.

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I’ve also heard that Roon hasn’t been maintaining the Linux Roon server at the same level as on Mac out windows.


@shankha, this is in incorrect. Please do not state hearsay as fact. Check Roon Server for Linux, and confirm the build.

I have ubuntu installed on the NUC, and then I have installed Roon server (and Jellyfin too), with 4tb SSD for the music and a Samsung 960 M.2 for the OS etc. The NUC is sat on my desk in an akasa case, so silent and looks good too.

Performance seems very good. Always a tinkerer, I am now wondering whether I should have installed Ubuntu server as would have less overheads, but not sure yet. I was also using the NUC yesterday to check email and use the web, so might be better this way if performance does not suffer.

I had assumed you wanted to run a desktop environment. You can change easily…

sudo apt install ubuntu-server

…that’s it!

I’m perfectly happy to admit I’m wrong.

What I meant that they are slower in servicing Linux issues, not necessarily that they don’t release as many builds.

In any case, I’m happy if my hearsay is incorrect.

I don’t believe this is an accurate reflection, either. We are discussing Roon Server, not the desktop app, which isn’t available for Linux.

The Roon server isn’t available on Linux? Or the desktop app

Roon server is - see here. As I said above, its running happily under ubuntu right now.

Its the desktop app which is not officially available on linux, but there are workarounds.