Please add A few Toronto Canada stations

Please add these stations:

CXFJ-FM 93.5
CFNY-FM 102.1
CKIS-FM 92.5
CKLN-FM 88.1

Hello @Kerry, I’ve added
CFXJ-FM (was yours a typo?)
both these are CA only, so I’d like you to check please as I can’t test Canadian streams in Roon.

CKLN-FM appears to be defunct. Do you have an up-to-date reference?

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Thanks! They work!

What about CKLN?

It’s now called Indie88.

That I can do. Wait a bit…

Done, please check.
(Is the station still known by locals by the old name?)

Works! It’s now called Indie88. I don’t think anyone remembers the old name so no worries

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