Please bring back album recommendations and star ratings

When you view an album all the fantastic suggested similar albums at the bottom of the page in 1.7 have gone …where are they now? Please please bring that feature back.

The star ratings that were visible on the list of albums have gone…that was incredibly helpful and time saving…please please bring that back.
In 1.8 when you list the albums by popularity which I thought was the updated version of the star rating list … the order bears no correlation to the number of stars each album has…why?

Last point… are any of the software techs reading these suggestions? I appreciate that the Mods do…But is there any hope of the changes users are asking for being re-included in 1.8?

I fear a lot of users are wasting their time typing if the answer is no.

Thanks as always.

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Recommend still there it’s at the bottom of the album page and changes for every album viewed. You not seeing this?

I wasn’t before but happily am now, pleased about that. Any news about the star ratings?

I believe this was a design choice, no idea of they plan to bring them back. There is a thread about what Roons responded to so far. Check that out.

Thanks @CrystalGipsy last question if I may? Can usernames be edited or changed? I don’t see that as an option under preferences. Thanks again

If you mean profiles yes nothing has changed here. Click on the profile icon and choose edit it’s under the main menu on phones now along with the bookmark icon.

@CrystalGipsy apologies, I mean’t on here actually :smiley:

You have to use the specific thread and ask them to change it. It’s in Roon Labs section.