Please Info About rock extend my system 4-6 locations

Dear Support,

please info because urgent, my ROCK ( roon optimized coor kit ) well now going to extend my system to 4-6 locations in my home. what in the maximum roon end point and can add to rock. i will may be using roon consection or conversions to DSD etc.

You might like to detail what NUC model you are using as the number of concurrent streams and what convolution/upsampling/dsp functions being performed will put different demands on the platform.

but once you start using will be dependant on other things too like network bandwidth etc too plus what your endpoints are able to use as bitrates.

thanks for the answer but here just wanted to ask if it can rock in using some different endpoint location rooms (4-6 rooms) but still in 1 house, internet subject i think is quite enough because the bandwidth we have is big enough 100 MB IIX and 50 MB IX

I didnt ask anything about your internet…but that might also come into consideration if your main source of music is streamed from tidal.

Roon can stream to many endpoints - but its will be limited by the performance of the core system and the network…so if you dont wish to be more specific then I can offer much other than you will need to determine the max number buy trial and error.

I will say that the basics are quite simple. You will need a relatively simple gigabit ethernet network (all points coming back to one switch) and a solid wireless network for control purposes only. If you need to go wireless keep that to a minimum and use the minimum bandwidth you can get away with. Make your core quite meaty. i5 or i7 if you are going to be running several end points simultaneously and using DSP on any of them. Finally if you are using your own library a lot I would host your files local to your core via USB 3 or direct on HDD. This minimises network traffic. I would likely still have a NAS for backing up but it doesn’t need to be in the loop for traffic over Roon.

thank for respon, actually rock can using 4-6 end point on this locations at my home, that right ?

yes as long as your core platform can support the needed processing power…but as you are reluctant to divulge (goodness knows why) what that is you will just have to try it and see if it manages the endpoints you need or not. if it meets the basic specs per the knowledge base then it should be ok.

thank you for answer and 1 more questions again, whether to use roon consection or conversions to DSD etc if i extend my system roon to 4-6 location in my home ???

You really need to be more clear, as others have told you. Extending ROCK to dozens of endpoints, let alone 4-6, does not make any difference – unless you are running multiple zones simultaneously. But if you just want to have Roon endpoints in 4-6 systems around the house that will be used separately, those endpoints place no more load on ROCK than a single zone does.


thank you for respons and information submitted.

and FYI all, i use ROCK with intel NUC core i7, any problem ???

No. Not a problem at all.