Please oh please one or two step deleting and hiding!

I know, but I don’t use the Tidal app any more. That’s what of the biggest draws of Roon, IMO. :slight_smile:

Not when you add in having to open up the Tidal app, click to albums, find the one you want to remove… :slight_smile:

Agreed, I don’t use Roon at all for file/library management. Like tag editing, it just isn’t part of the feature set.

I’m a pro photographer so perhaps more careful about deleting than most. But it’s not like with music it’s an original that can never be reproduced again. Perhaps levels of safety in the settings. One or two clicks for Tidal, two or three for local, or nine for the challenged and safety first types.

Anyway, even as the system stands, it would be nice to end up back where starting when deleting.

Exactly. Having to go the Tidal app for anything isn’t why I just spent $500.


i use Hide instead.
No confirmations, because it is non-destructive.

I think Roon’s Delete should be non-destructive and without confirmations, I.e. it should be Hide. A very quick change, just UI, @mike .

Disk space is free.
If you are concerned with managing your disk space anyway, do it in the OS, where it belongs. If you delete the file, Roon notices and removes it.


Fully agree. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

My suggestion uses slightly different language (“Hide” vs “Remove from library”) but the effect is exactly the same.

But Hide already exists.
It’s even a shorter scroll in the Edit UI!

My use case is very similar to @jtnt’s. I frequently add Tidal albums I learn about from a range of sources (not least of which is the “What Are You Listening to Now” thread). I listen to these, keep some, ditch the others. The only deletions I do in Roon are Tidal tracks, so while I understand the reasons for and history of the multiple checkboxes and confirmations for deletions, it’d be a help to me if deletion of tracks from streaming services were treated as a separate case and more casually, since those deletions are, for all practical purposes, always undoable.

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I think it would be much better if removing a Tidal album was a one click affair, as you are not really deleting anything from your library and as others have said I also add a lot of Tidal albums just to check them out, then I remove them if I’m not a fan.

I don’t mind the system as it stands for deleting actual files from my library as I don’t do it often and I can see that the extra steps are a necessary evil.


Dittos on a comprehensive ergonomic study of the various workflows used in Roon and ways to reduce the time required. I could see tackling bottlenecks with a larger set of keyboard shortcuts or use of right-click contextual menus. I’ve also seen a minority of apps offer an “expert” mode that eliminates much of the “are you sure” clicks.

Agreed I have suggested this before. I see no reason for the same level of confirmation to be required for removing Tidal items from your library as for deleting files on your hard disk.

Currently I am adding a lot of MQA files to my library. Many of these are duplicates of what I already have and I would prefer to delete them rather than continue to have them in my library.

Also when searching on Tidal right now you often get several versions of he same Album. CD resolution and maybe two levels of MQA but you cannot tell which one you want until you play them. If I am in the middle of listening to something else then I add them all to my library until I am ready to play them and then I delete the ones I don’t want once I have found the highest resolution MQA version this means I am using delete quite often at the moment.

I would like to introduce the wastebasket principle. You delete from the library (with one click) into the wastebasket and a separate action is needed to empty the wastebasket (as many clicks as needed to be 100% sure you understand that you permanently delete your data). The latter action is done less frequently then the first action. Voila.


That is my use case as well.
That looks interesting > look it up in roon search and favourite it and back to browsing > at a future date have a listen to the recently added albums from the roon UI > shudder in horror and want to delete it > click click click click etc :slight_smile:


My case is the same as @jtnt et al. In fact try-it-and-see is the main way I listen to music in Roon, along with internet radio. And like @philr I’m fishing out Tidal “masters.” In this use case, “Remove Tidal favorite” is entirely different from “Delete a FLAC on your NAS.”

I’d be grateful for an easier unfave experience.

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Waste basket principle works today.

Put in the waste basket: use Hide (in the Edit dialog). You can get it back from the waste basket with unhide.

Delete would be the equivalent of emptying the waste basket.

To see the contents of the waste basket, either to retrieve it or delete it, use Focus, Inspector, Hidden.

Personally I prefer hidden albums off, so a quick way to remove Tidal stuff from library seems to me an undeniably useful feature. Obviously ymmv but I still want to register my endorsement. Cheers!

Charles, I like your idea of having the option to do 1 or 2 click (personally I’m a clutz so I’d opt for the extra are you sure click! :sunglasses:)

Personally, I think a good comprise is to add a Kiosk mode to Roon. I often let friends and family play with Roon, but I always keep an eye on what they are up to, to avoid deletion or editing mishaps.

All user accounts in Roon should be protected with a PIN, which gives access all current functionality, with the addition of one/two-click deletion. When running in Kiosk mode (without a PIN), the user can only add/edit/delete playlists, plus add TIDAL albums, with all other editing and deleting functions removed.

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I agree but feel that’s for a different issue… there are longstanding feature request for those features.