Poll of Kef LS50 Wireless owners

Have you made sure that your firmware is up-to-date?

I also had issues with a modem router access point all in a single unit. But I have not had issues since I went to an erro mesh network. You might try using a Wi-Fi analyzer to check your signal strength. But as has been said a wired connection would be much more reliable.

Also, remember that the LS50W converts all inputs to 24/192 in its DAC and the USB accepts up to 192kHz and the Toslink only accepts up to 96kHz so it may help to match the output of your source to the KEF input specs.

I am trying an ethernet connection now and all is well (except for the 30ft ethernet cable running down my hallway). I know that I can possibly modify my network settings, add an extender or put in a mesh network to improve the wi-fi performance but a simpler solution may be to just drop a cable in the room with the LS50W. Before I got the LS50W I had a Bluesound Node 2 running via wi-fi and NEVER had a single issue. Wish I still had it; I would just use it instead of the LS50W wi-fi. If I end up hard wiring the LS50W my “wireless music system” will have more wires per component than my main system :-). The KEF is really a great setup but the implementation of the “wireless” part of it is finicky.

Well it seems I am not alone. Ethernet has cured all the problems for me.

I just want to give a big thanks to KEF and my dealer, Unilet Audio in New Malden, London, for fixing my KEF LS50 Wireless speakers. Back in January 2017 I bought probably the first LS50W that Unilet sold. A year later in January 2018, the right speaker failed and Unilet organised a repair, under warranty, in 11 days. A few weeks ago the left speaker was dead (no smells this time), so I took the speakers to Unilet on a Tuesday to send them to KEF to fix. Four days later, on the Friday, they were back, repaired, ready for me to pick up. KEF/Unilet made no charge. The speakers were 3 years and 8 months old and out of warranty !!! Can’t recommend Unilet highly enough.
PS. Keep the original packing boxes - just in case!

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Anyone knows how to get this damage board for replacement?
Im out of warranty.

Hi Pablo,

Best is to contact your local KEF dealer, or get in contact with KEF Customer Service for your country directly:

That’s the HK link (as that’s where I am), so make sure to change the chosen country in the dropdown list in the form.

We dont have support here.
If I can get the part number can I check to get it online.

Just to add my positive feedback re repairs to this “poll”.


I don’t use roon but i’ll contribute to this thread.
My LS50W’s were bought On august of this year. The manufacturing date on the box said June 2018 so they’re supposed to be one of the newer revised models. I’ve been keeping a log of all the issues i have had for the last 4 months. They were bought from the EU and using them in Pakistan so I have 2 years warranty. Anyway here are all the issues i have had.
LS50w problem log:
Common issue; Speaker makes a quiet static sound wfter turning off the spkr with the power button followed by a Tick sound on the left spkr. Happens less often during winter. Could be an issue with the “heat shield” inside the speaker.
19 sep 2019 (around 1:10pm)// source + bluetooth light blinking on
right speaker after left speaker stopped playing for a few seconds
while playing at around 60/65db volume. Issue fixed after a few seconds.
30 oct 2019 (starting around 10 pm)// Each time when speaker was turned on via remote, speaker made a pop sound. Has happend twice in succession but not the third time. Could reoccur again. Speaker was connected to pc while pc was on.
8 nov 2019 (at 6:44 AM)// Listening at low- medium volumes, left speaker made a click sound and turned offf or a brief moment (2 seconds) before making a click noise and turning on again. Right speaker was still functioncal and playing during this time. Was not able to look at the touch panel during this brief time.
3 Dec 2019(at 8;28am)// Left speaker made a tick sound and turned off briefly(for 2 seconds) and ON again while watching a youtube video at low volume. No status change was noticed on the touch panel on the right speaker during that period.
3 DEC 2019(at 12:56pm0// left spkr DC’d again for 2-3 seconds while watching videos at whisper volume. Three middle lights on right spkr started blinking during that time. Speaker has been switched to never power off automatically to see if the issue happens again. (That’s 2 disconnections in 1 day).
So in short all the issues i have had been sort of minor in nature; brief disconnected left speaker, some kind of static when powering them off/on and pop sounds when powering on the speaker. All of these issues could be signs of speaker dying on me in the future. I use these in nearfield so I’m more susceptible to minor pops and cracks from them. Anyway that is my report.


Same issue here (just OFF / ON on left speaker). It appears two times in about two months.
I was using USB input (connected to a nvidia shield).
My LS50W was bought in August 2018 in France.

Did you solved your issue ? How ?
Does it appears again ?


Hi i have almost the same issue you have i purchased mine from ebay new as they are not sold in my country it been about 3 years they started to pop and power off with flashing lights now the right speaker is dead i opened it up it has the same scorch marks your speaker have i dont know what to do if you could help with you experience on how to fix this issue. Thanks

Hi @Eddie_das ,
I ended up going to a local KEF importer (even though the LS50W was not being imported) and arranged a repair through them. They contacted KEF US, ordered the parts and had a local lab repair them. It was quite expensive…
If you have no importer in your country you could try reaching out to KEF US or KEF UK, order the parts yourself, and find a local repair shop that will replace the parts.
At the time a motherboard cost over $300 and of course there is the work cost…

Good luck and sorry for your speakers and wallet :slight_smile:


What issue excatly did you have ?
My only issue (for now), is that the left (slave) speaker did power OFF and ON 2 or 3 times in about 6 months. The right speaker (main), did not have any issue (for now).
This issue appears while listening USB input (nvidia shield).
Was it the same ?

Same issue :frowning:
Wired or wireless connection - doesn’t matter.
Hope new firmware will fix it.

Hi Sergey,

Doest it happen often ?
How many times ?


Hi, Christophe!
Always when I play files or stream from Tidal / Qobuz with resolution 192/24 or higher. Any application: KEF Stream, BubbleUPnP or Roon.
Sound stutters.
USB connection works fine.

I talked about left speaker suddenly OFF / ON.

Are we talking about the same issue ?

No, I meant that KEFs doesn’t play files above 24/96

No issue like that for me

KEF LS50W Mk2:

  1. Do not wake from sleep when music is played via coax. Have to manually choose coax with the IOS app or KEF remote even though coax was the last input used.
  2. When turned on usually the secondary speaker either has low or no out put until I mute and unmute. I am using the cable to connect the two speakers.
  3. Not “Roon Ready” although advertised as such and have been sold for a couple of months…

I should add that it is my own experience that they do sound great via the coax input with a good front end.

Thank you very much for information