Problem in V1.1: Edit "performed by"

I tried to edit some Wings-albums to performed by Paul McCartney … on “Wings over America” Mccartney is now in blue and can be clicked … I did the same to At the Speed Of Sound but “Paul McCartney” is in white and cannot be clicked …no clue why…

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Please post screenshots of the edit pages. Maybe someone will spot a discrepency.

I tried to sum this up here:

basically, the “Performed By” field (which in the next build is renamed to “Album Artist”), is just a name, which should match what is written on the cover of the album.

There is a second thing Roon has, which is part of what makes Roon’s data model richer: a List-of-Main-Performers. Those performers are object links from the album to performers that then have deeper metadata. They are not just names.

So normally we would just show you the “Album Artist” and make it a non-link and then show you the List-of-Main-Performers as links below it.

However, it’s stupid to see Miles Davis as non-clickable text with Miles Davis as clickable link right below it. So if they are the same, we just make the Album Artist a link. If you edited the Album Artist in this Miles Davis example to “Miles Davis and his friends”, we’d just link the Miles Davis part of "Miles_Davis and his friends.

In the Wings Over America case, you have 2 main performers: “Paul McCartney” and “Wings”

In the At The Speed of Sound Case, you have one main performer, “Wings”.

In this release of 1.1, we allow editing of some fields, but not all, and not the ability to create links to other objects. So, unfortunately, you can’t create that link from At The Speed of Sound -> Paul McCartney via the editing in 1.1 right now. This is coming, and as you can imagine, will be much much richer than the current editing, as it will let you create new composers, performers, roles, works, performances, etc…

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@danny – can you give us some idea as to when this capability will appear in Roon?

Don’t have an ETA for you, but it’ll be after this big round of audio stuff that is coming.

Really looking forward to enhanced metadata editing :smiley:

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@danny @brian Is this capability part of the planned (semi-imminent) 1.2?

No, 1.2 is more focused on audio-related concerns (among other things). We are planning another round on metadata/classical/editing issues after 1.2 is out the door.

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Awesome. I think this next release will fix most of my troubling sorting. I have a couple to add. I get, in the following order; O’Connor, O’Hearn, Oldfield, O’Riordan. Seems that the apostrophe is being ignored when it should be part of the sort order.

Others: Steve Miller Band under Miller, Huey Lewis & the News under Huey, Bruce Hornsby & the Range under Hornsby. Perplexing to me.