Problems with RoonBridge (Allo USBridge) and DAC (Cambridge 851n)

I am just getting into Roon and bought a server to run the core for me. This is all good and connects well to the music stored on my Synology NAS.
However, to stream to my Cambridge 851n streamer (which is not Roon compliant) then AIrPlay is used. I researched the forum and bought an Allo USBridge device to run Roonbridge and connect via USB to the Cambridge 851n.
This has now arrived - it has poor instructuins with it but managed to get it setup and running except that Roon does not see the DAC through the USbridge.

Connecting to any of the three items listed just does nothing with no sound and I have had to reboot Sparky several times now as it seems to stop being picked up by Roon.
When it is running the Cambridge shows an input connection on the USB but try as I might, I can get no sound out of it.
Any suggestions gratefully received as at the moment the USBridge is looking like a waste of money!!!

It looks like the USBridge is not enabled in DietPi.

Take a look at the thread linked below. It’s about the Allo DigiOne rather than the USBridge, but I’m guessing the problem and solution(s) are the same:

Thanks David,
I found the settings it talks about but for the USbridge it just needs to have the usb dac option set which you can do from the gui.
It then does not see my dac.

Maybe someone from Allo can help., @ALLO_audio_boards

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already looking into it and will reply soon.

Any news as I am sitting here with am unusable unit?? Thanks

@Phil_Knowles please provide me the results of following commands with DAC luged and powered on condition.
ssh login
#lsusb -t

Here are the screenshots - DAC connected and powered on.

Having submitted lsusb - the unit does not respond with any other command so I can’t submit lsusb again or lsusb -t until I reboot. The screenshot below shows this.
When I reboot, the unit does not respond to the lsusb -t command and just hangs.

There is clearly something not right here.
Here is what Roon sees.

Please advise.


ok please check lsusb -t without dac,
please share your email id

Here are the results without the DAC - my email is


you have to update the kernel by executing below command on terminal , then reboot.

root@DietPi:~#wget -O /boot/uImage

It’s working - thank you.
Can you tell me what was wrong please?
Should I have updated something myself??

Thanks for your update.
This kernel update is part of Dietpi v160 release ( In progress, Dan Knight will release coming days),
We done this update recently after releasing v159, so it’s not reflected on your system.

Thank you - I appreciate your efforts and support here.

HI - sorry to reopen this thread. But Andre at Allo kindly sent me a new mmc with the latest Dietpi image. This, as you might guess, has broken the unit again and I have the same problems as I had previously.
@rahulkc_s can you assist here please? lsusb output - its the same as the original fault and DAC not detected!!!