Processing speed

I went all out on my hardware running this (only with 32 gig ram).

When I’m doing all the processing I want (its a lot) I end up with a processing speed of 1.x.

Is this what you would expect? Am I doing this all wrong. Lol. I am very happy with the sq-just curious.

Thanks for All advise

Anything above 1.0 is OK. All that and with DSD512, you’re good to go. I’ve never been able to process DSD512.

Enable Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator.

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Actually anything above 1.3x is desirable, while 1.0-1.3 might work it might not always. Definitely you want to enable the PSDM as Peter notes above.

Just noting that more RAM doesn’t yield improvements after you have enough. I run Windows 10, RoonServer, HQPlayer and a monitoring program (CAM) on my music server all of which takes up 5.38 GB of the 8GB available.

Processor speed and cores is your best friend…8GB min is fine for most Roon only machines, but if you run other things then you might need more depending on the application demands.

personally I would only run Roon as a standalone app on Windows. But thats just me, its not a limitation where windows or macOS/osx etc are concerned as long as your base line is capable of the additional overheads.

It is enabled.


That looks healthy for DSD512.

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I’m running the new MacBook Pro with an Intel Core 9 chip, and am getting a processing speed of 86. I am just using a moderate amount of DSP with volume leveling and a few other tweaks. I presume this is a good number?

Yes, it is. Don’t worry.