Profile pic [flair] icons

I’m wondering what the icons on some people’s profile pics indicate.
I can’t seem to find an answer.
Could someone please post a link?
Mine looks a lot like a stop button, which is something that’s been suggested I need IRL :rofl:

These were recently introduced and denote if a Roon account is a lifetime, subscription, or trial user.

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Hover with the mouse over it. It’s about the license: Subscriber vs Lifetimer or the white star in blue for moderators.

PS: And obviously (see my example) no symbol for users with more that one subscription. Maybe because mine don’t follow the same (subscription)plan?

Hi @BlackJack,
This feature has just been activated and the data is still syncing … so give it a little time to see what you end up with.

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life => lifer, then trial => trialer, then licensed => subscriber, then no licenses => no icon

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And no more moderator indicator for @Carl? Edit: Carl’s moderator indicator has returned.

PS: So let’s wait and see if and when I will get my “life ring” then. Edit: Just showed up.

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Seems all the forum softwares are adding ‘badges’ of some sort now. Took IPS years to add it…

Nope, but I do still have the “half shaded shield” icon …


Too late or do you see something different?


Looks like it’s back :slight_smile: I’ll revert to my previous statement … and see what we have in say an hour.

I can’t tell what the different symbols mean using an iPad. Is there anywhere that shows what each symbol means?

I also noticed I don’t see a symbol on my own icon?

The data still is synching @Saturn94, give it some more time. Staff and community moderaters get a white star on purple background, Lifetimers get what looks like a four-spoke wheel, Subscribers get a circle with a square, and Trialers get a circle with a dot.


Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


So this forum is now denoted by class?
What next, vaccine passports to log in?
Whovever came up with this idea needs a dumbass badge in their profile.
Way to go Roon.


I think thats reserved for when you call on support, and your troubles are self inflicted! :smiley:
I’ll take two… (at least)


Sorry, i must kneel to your superior status oh holy one.

I assume us plebs will at the back of the line for support anyway based on this statusing drive.


It could be worse. One forum I use has your post count under your name and the date you joined. Your avatar is allocated based on post count up to a certain number, after which you can upload your own.

You are really playing the victim card hard here… :roll_eyes: If anything, the subscribers are “the hand that feeds”, and the lifers are no more than ballast…


So, $500 or $700 is ballast? I don’t think so. Not to mention, a lot of us have bought a Roon Nucleus for a significant price.

Jesus, why we need so much validation?

It is a great community, great software and there are Nucleus Bundles Now Available in the Roon Store :slight_smile: