QNAP current releases?

Was considering trying to move my Core to my QNAP TS-873A. However, the package in the App Store is 2021-10-03, which sounds really old (not sure what that corresponds to as far as 1.8 build XXX).

Have releases for QNAP stopped?

I am using Roon on a QNAP (now updated to V2.0) and in the App Centre it shows the same version as you see installed. I am sure if you install it and then allow it to update it will run fine.

The installers for NAS devices only need if something changes in the NAS system or the system requirements of the Roon Server software changes (like the switch to the dotnet framework). But also if bugs are discovered or I see opportunities for improvements.
The installers never contained the actual Roon Server software. Instead the actual software is downloaded in the process of the installation. I actually chose to use the date as a “version number” to not confuse the NAS installer version with Roon Server’s version number.
So if the “date version number” indicates there has not been an update for quite a while, it is actually a good sign, because no severe issues (that are related to the installer) have occurred yet. :wink:

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Got it. Thanks much for the background.