Qobuz not logging in

Hey guys and girls,

Opened Roon on my Mac this morning and “Qobuz failed to log in”

OK, that’s weird, let me go an enter my details again. “Bad username or password”

I’m pretty sure that is my password, let me test it on the Qobuz site. Yup, those login details work.

I’ll go by to Roon and try again. “Bad username and password”.

Erm, ok, out of ideas.

Help please!

Update guys, it appears it might be an issue with Qobuz. I can log onto Qobuz on the web, but I can’t on the Qobuz app, it tells me my password is incorrect. I assume this problem is carrying over to Roon.

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Try this: In Roon, Settings > Setup > clear cache. Then, reboot Roon core. Log back into Qobuz (if needed) – Settings > Services > Qobuz.

That only clears the image cache, not the streaming cache.