Qobuz vs Tidal compared

There are reasons but this is opaque to consumers right now. A few differences: mastering engineers prepare up to a dozen versions of files to accommodate the requirements of different streaming services, and have to teach their clients which version to send where. Different streaming services also handle loudness normalization differently.

The one sure way to know that files are the same is to capture and do bit-for-bit comparisons. Even then, if you are playing a locally stored file vs a remotely streamed file, you’ll be comparing the way your streamer processes the two types of files.

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i don’t have a horse in the “why.”, and although it is interesting, to me, it’s academic. i trust my ears.

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Whenever I tend to trust my senses, I look at optical illusions and reconsider.


agreed, except when music is involved.

They don’t.

@Uwe_Albrecht @Markus_Hubner Thank you both for the information. I’ll likely try out Qobuz in the coming days, the psudo-science coming from Tidal turns me off to their service.

@Uwe_Albrecht I found this post that you might find interesting. It seems to suggest that the choice of streaming service doesn’t affect Roon’s suggestions, outside of catalog selection of course.


Only on tidal? That could start a whole new thread!

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Don’t get me started on hi-res…

In the end all audiophile discussions come down to some version of “it sounds better to me” with nothing ever resembling a well controlled listening test, nor any clear definition of what “sounds better” means.

Here’s an example of what I mean. A while back my friend and I were listening to and comparing two versions of the great Kinks album “Arthur”.

Version one being the 24bit/96kHz download from HDTracks played via local streamed files from Roon.

Version two being the original all analog vinyl played on my Linn LP12

To my ears the two versions both sounded great with the slight differences, and yes there were very, very slight differences, being far outweighed by the convenience of playback via Roon.

To my friend the vinyl was clearly “better” and well worth all the hassles involved in vinyl playback (so long as it was me doing all the work :rofl:)

So sometimes “better” is very clearly better and other times “better” is a state of mind (and, more often than not, about the money one has just spent to achieve “better”)


Without ever being there to experience it I obviously agree with your friend!


This is what it all boils down to… me :slight_smile:


I hope you noticed that I wrote “the original all analog vinyl” since so much of today’s vinyl is sourced from digital masters or has some digital in the recording/production chain. To which I say that most modern vinyl is the worst of both worlds: the sound of digital with the inconvenience of vinyl.

However full analog vinyl is indeed quite glorious.

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I’m admittedly biased towards my opinion on vinyl. Most of my comments are light hearted on here though.


Yes I know. It’s quite possible to have an opinion and not be involved in a flame war.

Now back to berating Tidal and MQA :rofl:


Qobuz isn’t available in Canada otherwise id try it

waiting for spotify HD to drop this year…
see what it will be, but then it doesn’t let roon play nicley


btw, for those carping about all the hip hop in Tidal, the latest update is fully customized to your listening habits. looks marvelous, and lots of interesting new personalized mixes and radio stations too.


I am surprised that people still have this perception (I have seen this mentioned plenty).

This hasn’t been a problem for a long time, to me the biggest problem Tidal has is its outrageous price difference.


Just updated now and looks the same. I’ve always had playlists and other recommendations based on my listening habits.

I did say before, to me, Tidal’s UI looks better than others.


However, in Qobuz there is 204 Wanda Jackson albums vs Tidal 59. And same artist has more hires albums in Qobuz.
Seems to me I have to drop Qobuz out.

Unfortunately by skipping MQA master and playing the music on CD Quality means you are streaming FOLDED MQA encoded track anyway. Which is even worse than MQA itself.

If you want to have a pure experience of untouched and lossless track you need to listen the the ones WITHOUT “Master” label on Tidal.

That’s why I don’t bother with Tidal [moderated] and I have my subscription with Qobuz. Which is the only one, real, lossless streaming service which fully support Wasapi in exclusive mode.