Question, tubes amp placed over a speaker?

If you read the wiki article you will see that it was a practical problem long before and independent of audiophiles

I read a lot of things and form my own opinion. NAIM as you quoted above used to hate “add on’s” and were very vocal about it. They are making plenty of money from it now.

That’s fine, no need to be nasty or argumentative. It’s also fine if Naim makes money, but it’s unrelated to the tubes question. The Wiki article has sources regarding tubes back to the 1950s

It’s been a great chat. Thank you.

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An electric guitar/amp/speaker is a musical instrument. However the feedback from tube microphonics may color the sound is a part of the sound–just like a metal flute, as opposed to a wooden one. With hi fi, you supposedly want to avoid coloration–though other audiophiles may have other ideas, especially tube lovers.