Questions regarding VPN and private zones

I have OpenVPN Setup through my NAS.

I have successfully connected from work to the NAS using the VPN, but I can’t stream audio to the private zones.

I have a working setup of the squeezelite for listening to the Logitech Media Server, and when I point the squeezelite slave to the Roon server I can successfully listen to music from work.

Does someone have some pointers for debugging this? Why can’t I see my private zones through the VPN?

Hi Maor,

Do you mean:

  • When using VPN you can’t see private zones on a machine that has private zones without VPN; or

  • When using VPN you can’t see private zones on other machines ?

The latter is currently expected but is going to change.

I can’t see the private zones on my machine when I’m at work, behind the VPN.

Currently I’m at home, and naturally everything works as expected.

Lets drop a flag for @brian to comment. I fear, however, that there may not be much to be done. VPN is not officially supported and, as I understand it, is unlikely to be the preferred method for a long distance solution. It may be that other users who have used a VPN can assist.

I know that some people use VPNs successfully–TCP and UDP traffic must pass between the two machines freely, as if they were on the same LAN. Anything that might impede this (bad VPN, misconfigured VPN, or firewalls) is likely to break private zone streaming.

This piece of the system just wasn’t architected for remote access, but if you can get it working, it’s fine to use it.

We’ve discussed some neat ideas/architectures to solve the problem well. A remote access solution (that will not require a VPN) is on the roadmap, but we haven’t put a date on it yet.

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I still use LMS for remote access - haven’t been able to get VPN to work with Roon. Looking forward to seeing Roon’s solution to this. It’s not critical to my use but Roon has spoiled me and it’ll be great to be able to use it remotely.

Like I said, I can connect remotely and control the home endpoints from work. I simply cannot see the private endpoints when I’m on VPN.

I know I can transfer UDP and TCP packets freely between the connections. I can even browse the local shared drivers from work, and transfer files. The IP is on the same subnet in my home.

Is there some logging that can be enabled so I’ll be able to debug this?

I know the traffic works correctly, as I can browse shares and use LMS among other things

Is there logging that can be enabled to help in the debug?

Hi Maor,

Don’t know the answer to the logging question sorry.

Wanted to explain that for some reason (possibly associated with multiple accounts) the board software had flagged some of your posts as spam. I’ve unhidden them, except for one which was repeated.