RAAT as a standalone application?

@Larry_Post, you almost certainly are correct that this product idea is stillborn, although it hasn’t been Roon saying that here. As I said above, I get that it isn’t going to happen and am not even thinking about it at this point.

Thanks for the information about HQ Player. With respect to its hardware requirements, my use case would be to run DSD256 full-time. My two DAC’s both sound better on DSD than PCM.

I can use DSP to get to DSD256 with few burps on both Roon and Audirvana, but HQ Player definitely seems more resource-intensive.

My computer is nearly new and reasonably well-equipped, but Jussi was skeptical that it has enough juice for full-time upsampling, use of the likely filters, and simultaneous non-audio tasks. I still might give it a try, but, after corresponding with Jussi, I am not sure that I want to mess with it.

I 've never heard of SongKong. I will look into it. Thanks for the tip.