Radio 2.0 "Phase 2" - ETA for TIDAL selections that aren't in your library...?

The release notes for 1.4 indicate that with radio 2.0 “You can think of today’s changes as Phase 1 – we are already hard at work on Phase 2 which will allow Radio to include selections from TIDAL that aren’t yet in your library.” Is there any hint of when Phase 2 will be out?

***My main focus is when Radio will include selections from TIDAL that aren’t yet in my library… Apologies if this has been noted somewhere else, first time poster…


We do not generally provide ETAs like this, sorry.

Thanks Brian, I understand. Are you able to confirm that phase 2 will still enable Radio to include selections from TIDAL that aren’t yet in my library? That’ll be a fantastic way to find new music.

@Desmond_Biss Have a read of this post :slight_smile: :

Thanks for the link Joel, and the context. Understanding aside, I hope to see it soon. That’ll be stellar. Woot!! :grinning:

Hello Joel – are there any further updates regarding “Phase 2” of Radio 2.0, specifically around Radio pulling from Tidal tracks that are not included in your library? I was hoping this would be a part of the major 1.5 release.


Music discovery is among the top demand for most users - that’s a crucial element why Spotify is so successful. Hope to see this integrated soon as this make Roon more interesting to others.


We know how important this is guys, and while we’re actively working on this functionality, I don’t have any updates or timelines just yet.

We’re going to spend as long as it takes to get this right, and we appreciate everyone’s patience.


I wonder what the behaviour will be when 2.0 offers a suggestion from Tidal that is not in my library… and I want to ‘heart’ that song.

At present items have to be “added to library” first ie when listening to anything through the “TIDAL” menu option in Roon… I get why Roon has maintained this step but “adding to library” is totally redundant when I am “hearting” a song, album, etc while in “TIDAL”. Obviously I want to add it to my library at that point.

Aurender had this behaviour figured out a long time ago. Treat all of TIDAL essentially as if it is already a part of one’s library…

Ps - keep up the great work! Fix this and you’ll have a flawless user experience in terms of Tidal integration… Same anticipated behaviour as with locally stored content… :slight_smile: