Radio paradise issues - read this first

Hello all. Radio Paradise have made some minor changes.
From their site

The [new] links … include stream metadata (song title info). Like everything about FLAC streaming, this is still somewhat experimental. If you experience an increase in dropouts or glitches, we recommend going back to the main links

Corresponding changes to Live Radio have been made and there will now be two flac streams for each channel. The metadata one ends with the letter m, e.g.
Instead of

(The exact URL may change but we expect the metadata steam to always end this way)

As RP point out, the flacm channel may be temperamental, so please check the other channel before posting drop-out problems.


Thanks for the update.Testing now.

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Played most of the afternoon today continuously with two drops on my bryston Pi endpoint and some chop on an old Sonos zp90 in the garage.

Apologies if this is not the right place to post. I am new to Roon, and every weekend I work on my own setup to discover more functionalities and improve my user experience. Radio Paradise is a painful point. Why is Bluesound’s implementation of RP able to:

  1. Show full song/artist details including artwork
  2. Enable the user to skip to the next song if you don’t like the current one playing.

Is this a perk reserved only to BluOS? Why can’t we get it in Roon.

Hello @Ariel_Levin. On your first point, the metadata streams that are sent only incorporate artist and song. If Roon can match this with an album track it knows then it will show this in the now playing screen. Further artist and song details can then be found via the usual Roon methods.

On your second, the way that skip works is the endpoint downloads a chunk of audio comprising 3 or 4 songs so that it can skip through it. At present Roon takes a single continuous stream (tracking in RP parlance) and plays that.

A more complete integration would entail a Radio Paradise specific plugin. There is a long thread here about this; please consider adding your voice to it.

Is anyone else noticing the odd skipping/looping with RP flac streams lately?

We listen to the Mellow stream much of the day, the AAC320 stream is solid, the FLAC streams seem to work fine for a few songs but then strange sounds of skips or looping start…switching back to AAC and all is well.

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Yes - I’ve noticed that on the ‘main mix’ from time to time it sounds like two parts of the track playing at the same time.


@Larry_Post, @Michael_Curtis is that the flacm (metadata) streams or the old flac streams?

Those flacm streams seem pretty ropey at the moment here in UK.

Sorry - yes, the flacm metadata stream.


Ok. I think we have to await RP’s work on those. I tried the flacm streams on VLC and got dropouts.

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Listening here in the UK. is not showing any metadata, but seems stable.
is completely unstable, loads of dropouts and also doesn’t show metadata.

Yes, and it seemed good yesterday…

Playing through VLC also shows dropouts but nowhere near as bad as Roon.
The reason that your first stream is not showing metadata is probably because Roon is dropping back to the /flac stream before even starting the flacm stream. This is a known issue and I have raised it with the devs before.

And actually the flacm stream is showing metadata, it’s just that RP are sending “Unknown” as the metadata at the moment.

As I type, in the UK, the 4 RP streams have

/flac “now_playing”: “Unknown”
/mellow-flac “now_playing”: “Ray LaMontagne - Be Here Now”
/rock-flac “now_playing”: “Unknown”
/world-etc-flac “now_playing”: “Unknown”

Anyway, while some of this is because those RP streams are "somewhat experimental ", Roon should be doing a better job with them. I’ll raise the issue with the devs again.



Live Radio streaming has gotten much worse for me in the last few days. I can’t seem to keep RP going (in any formats) for more than a few minutes. Same with FIP and KEXP. I can stream fine from any other device, just not Roon. My bandwidth isn’t awesome, but it’s always at least 15Mb, so the 128k AAC stream from RP shouldn’t be a problem at all. Yet still, it’s a mess. There really has to be a Roon-specific problem as far as I can tell.

Hello @Michael_Curtis. Putting the RP flacm streams (which are undoubtedly problematic) to one side , you shouldn’t be having any problems with any other stream.
I’ve been playing that 128aac RP stream for a quarter of an hour without issues. What sort of problems do you get with this and other similar quality streams?

Has anything changed in your setup recently? Have you tried the old turn it off and on again suggestion?

If you are struggling would you like me to involve support?

Hi @BrianW - thanks for that, but I’m fine. There’s only one of the RP FLAC streams I have problems with from time to time, and that’s clearly down to RP.
The stream which occasionally sounded like two pieces of a tune playing at the same time (and with frequent dropouts) is the one with 8022 in its url.
I’m happy using the others.



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USing RP Mellow mix 8022-FLACm URL right now - WORKS JUST FINE!! No dropouts. Artist and Track name are coming through fine. No album art.

Excellent, @meinhard57. Thank you for letting us know. I like these sort of posts.

Hello @David_Roberts. I meant to reply to you above, but unfortunately didn’t.

Are you still having trouble?