Radio/Shuffle for whole albums


I can get Roon to play “random” tracks from my Library either by selecting “Play All” on the album screen or by starting a Radio session. However, I would like Roon to be able select random/related whole albums (starting from a track 1) and load them them in sequence into a queue exactly like iTunes does with “Shuffle by Album”.

(Kevin) #2

+1 on this, was trying to figure out a way to do this today. I know that I can add whole albums to my queue, but one of my favorite things about listening to my music is being surprised by whatever shuffle pops up next.

(Mark) #3

Yes please. I use random album play extensively on LMS and it would be great to see this replicated in Roon.

(james warr) #4

+1 for this feature

(Douglas Gunn) #5

+1 here too

(Peter Wright) #6

+1 as well but I would like to see a screen of albums rather than loading into the queue. Focus on Similar is nice but lacks the randomness.

(Kevin) #7

Just had another idea for implementation - sometimes I let the Radio function go after my queue has finished up, but more often I click on thumbs up to start another ‘random’ queue. What if the thumb could also add the entire album instead of just that particular track - right click, an option in settings?

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #8

More shuffle and radio options would be key, generally. I don’t usually make a manual playlist. I like to pick some grouping and hear it randomly. It would be great to have Roon do more of that for me. Lately I’ve been using the sub-genres for this purpose and it’s pretty good. But more options would be wonderful.

(Darien Hallagan) #9

plus one for this feature

(Slava. Zhuk) #10

+1 here too

(Rene Bouwmeester) #11

I can’t imagine using this myself, but @Jan_Koudijs has developed a Roon extension doing just this:

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(Jan Koudijs) #12

Do you sometimes want to be surprised by your music collection, quick and easy?
It can play you a random album in just 2 clicks :slight_smile:

(Rene Bouwmeester) #13

I’m a very stubborn album listener that likes to focus on an album as a monolithic piece of art. Every now and then I’m feeling a bit frisky and let Roon Radio do its thing – but mostly I like to pick my albums by hand (or by association within Roon). I rarely play music ‘in the background’ – attentive listening only.

I can’t see shuffling whole albums play a role in my life, but hey – people are asking and you delivered, so there must be something to it. Different strokes. :slight_smile:

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(Jan Koudijs) #14

Let me be honest with you, I don’t use it much myself either :blush:

For me it’s the fun of creating.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #15

That’s why we love you, Jan. :smiley:

(Kevin) #16

I’m not exactly a whiz with the command line, but I managed to get Jan’s extension installed and running on my Mac in not too much time. Restarting the extension manager every time I start Roon is a bit of a pain. I’ll probably figure how to write a script to start it, but haven’t done that research yet.

I, too, appreciate albums as a single work and, at least once upon a time, the way an artist/producer/etc. intended for listeners to enjoy their music. Especially with the advent of streaming, I find myself frequently overwhelmed by choice and the Random Album Shuffle has me listening to things I might not have sought out but definitely enjoy when I listen. It’s a way to blow the proverbial dust off of some my collection and be reminded why I added an album to that collection in the first place. Thanks, @Jan_Koudijs!

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(Jan Koudijs) #17

Please share it with the community if you find a way to do it. I’m outside the Apple ecosystem so I cannot provide a solution.

(Alex Lubberts) #19

I think the plugin works nicely within the limitations. However, +1 for this feature request… How the plugin works is not clear from the UI and I would like to limit the albums that are taken into account for shuffeling. E.g., if I select the “jazz” tag from the album browser, it should only shuffle albums with a “jazz” tag.