Radio Thumbs up/down on *next* track… why?

Perhaps I’m missing the point of the thumbs up/down in Roon Radio…
Why can you only thumbs up or down the next track? What if you’ve never heard it before (for me part of the benefit of a ‘radio’ is to discover music that I haven’t heard before)

Surely it makes more sense to tell Roon that I like or dislike the current song

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Those thumbs are to help you build a queue. They let you approve/disapprove of the picks, build a queue that you are 100% confident in, then walk away and take a shower and not worry about being subject to a song that you absolutely hate while you are trapped and soaking wet.

There is a detailed discussion of the thumbs and what they mean/how to think about them here:

We will probably move away from thumbs iconography on the queue screen in the future. It has actually been in the product with those icons from the very start–and it’s surprising us how many people are experiencing this as a totally new source of confusion this week.

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Thanks for the response, I think I get it… sort of…

So what happens in the following situation: I don’t know an upcoming song but give it a thumbs up because I want hear it and then it turns out that I don’t like it. Does the radio then get contradictory messages?

No, the algorithm understands how to deal with that.

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A wise choice methinks.
As I see it, most people (myself included) see thumbs up as meaning “I like” and thumbs down as meaning “I don’t like”.
The way it is being used here is “up” means add to the queue and “down” means remove. It’s not the intuitive meaning, hence much confusion