Radiohead on ROON TIDAL?

I can see Radiohead album to play in TIDAL.

It isn’t available in ROON TIDAL.

Tried making it a Playlist but it didn’t pull the tracks through.

Any joy elsewhere?

Favourite the Album in the Tidal app or Browser

It should then appear within Roon within about 10-15 minutes…[you can make it quicker by going into Settings in Roon…then Services…then choose “Sync Now” to force Roon to sync changes to Tidal

Top man Ronnie. I think you just saved me 13 quid. :slight_smile:

Possibly spoke to soon.

Which country are you in? My TIDAL blocks adding to Favourites and says ‘Can’t Add To My Music’.

What Album are you looking to Favourite??

Can you try it with another Radiohead album…and then with another artist…just to ensure that you can Favourite an Album

Also, are you browsing Tidal from within a Browser…or from within the Tidal app??

This techniques isn’t consistent. No new Radiohead in Roon for me, either.

Yes. Roon doesnt seem to want to show the new Radiohead Album The Moon Shaped Pond that I have favorited in Tidal and forced many scans. Fyi

+1 Same problem after syncing

We’ve been down this road before. Roon doesn’t real time sync with Tidal and probably never will. Efforts are underway to reduce the time between Roon and Tidal sync, but Carl’s post in the referenced thread sets out what has to occur before Roon can pick up the Tidal release.

If you want to listen to the latest new releases on the day of release then use the Tidal app, not Roon. Roon will usually have the album with metadata a few days later.


I thought I understood it before, the difference between adding to my library a personal album unknown to Roon versus a Tidal album unknown to Roon. But now I do.

At least I think I do.



Favorited in Tidal-app. DOesn’t show in Roon, even after syncing.

Easier said than done in my main hifi with headless server where using Tidal app instead of Roon is a right faff. :frowning:

I would much prefer Roon let us have a ‘live’ Tidal tab somewhere to at least let us access the latest and press play, even if it’s missing meta data, especially as it’s not always days, sometimes a lot longer…


Radiohead’s album is now in Roon. No real metadata yet, but you can add it to your library.

Cheers, Greg

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Nope, not here.

ok, got it - had to unfavourite and refavourite in tidal app, then sync again.
(Plus I used the wrong button last time - refresh in audio, rather than sync in services)

(Interestingly it did come through the first time - but just a single track. I’ve seen that before and it’s a tricky one to get out of. )

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