Raspbian Jessie Lite + Roon Bridge, how to output native DSD to my Gustard X20u Pro?


I would appreciate some guidance/instruction from the experts here please.

I am currently running Roon Bridge on Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian Jessie Lite.
I’ve checked that it has a Kernel version 4.4.37 and ALSA version 1.0.28

If I understand correctly, I will need to upgrade my ALSA to version 1.0.29 at least to be able to output Native DSD to my DAC, which I know support Native DSD via its USB connection (which I am using).

The instruction in the KB on Linux Audio Notes, is referring to Fedora, and being a Linux newbie like myself, I just couldn’t make sense on how to do that with Raspbian Jessie Lite.

Is there a kind soul out here who have managed to make it work, and can share their experience? I’m happy to change from Raspbian Jessie Lite to other distro if that would make a better sense.


Hi Noel,

I’d suggest installing Diet Pi which has up to date ALSA but also implements a patch from the 4.10 kernel that fixes a nasty pop when play commences using native DSD.

It’s an easy menu driven interface and you will see some simple instructions in this thread.

Thanks @andybob - is there somewhere that i can find out about how to install the patch for the kernel?

I’ll get going with the Diet Pi now… :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I’ve installed Diet Pi, but looks like it is also using ALSA version 1.0.28 while I think Roon KB said that I will need version 1.0.29 or higher to get Native DSD to work… :frowning:

is there a way to do this easily? I noted that there is version 1.1.x available, but when I did apt-get upgrade, it won’t go for that version…

I believe Diet-Pi has implemented the patch in the latest version (145).

Folks in this thread were getting native DSD with Diet-Pi 143 and 144.

Hmm… don’t know what happened but I can’t seem to get the Native DSD option to come out in Roon.

I’ve now upgraded alsa-utils to 1.1.3 by getting it via stretch, and have also applied the kernel update that was mentioned in this link that you referred me above.

Is there any requirement for a certain Kernel version? Mine is still showing version 4.4.50 which came with DietPi 145.