Recognition of custom metadata embedded in files

I’ve been asking for some function to import custom embedded file metatags into Roon. These custom tags were what I used to organize my collection in Foobar before Roon.

Maybe this is too much code to write for a niche of users. But there are a number of us who would benefit with some means to import custom metatags into Roon Tags or bookmarks. Maybe there is a simpler way than a full implementation…

What if:

(1) Roon designated one custom metatag as readable in its artist, album, or track views. It could even just be called “Other”

(2) The artist, album, or track views in Roon would have the option in the column header choices to sort by “Other”

Then one could use the “Other” field to import metatags through Foobar or other media managers into Roon. For example, I can sort my tracklist in Foobar by whether a file is designated as a Hit or a Deep Cut. So I can create a custom metatag called “Other: Deep Cuts” and then sort by this in Roon so that I can add a Roon Tag to all Deep Cuts.

Next release, right?

Anyone understand my proposal?

The Roon guys definitely read these feature requests, but don’t necessarily respond to each one.

Cheers, Greg

Understood. Just wondering if what I said makes sense…