Rectangular banner on artist page vs square image on Artists list view causing issues

So on the individual artist page Roon prefers to have wide, rectangular banners which looks pretty cool. On the Artists list view, the images are square. One issue is when the artist banner used has the musicican(s) offset to the right or left of center. This looks great but results in either an aritst being chopped off or not seen at all on the Artists list page.

Wouldnt it make more sense to also display the images in artists list as a wide banner?

Check out this example…Bobby McFerrin

Wide banner:

Cant see good ol’ Bobby in the artists list page:

There was talk of being able to pan and crop images, but nothing seems to have come of it (yet)

No need for any fancy features if Roon just makes the artist list also show rectangular banners.

Hmm. I get rectangular pictures in both Artist and Composer browser:

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You are right! I get it in Composer view too but not Artists. Ahhhh…its in settings…Allow for more Covers and Photos. The issue though is the images are too big. I would prefer to see more Artists and smaller pics.

@Not_Roon can you pls make the images smaller?

We need a simple list view for artists and albums.

I strongly second this request.