Remote connection via VPN - [Resolved] but ongoing discussion


I would like to ask, i use a Mikrotik router that has a working VPN.Synology running ROON.
The problem is that I can’t stream to iPhone or NB with Win 10. They are not seen as audio devices.
The question is, is it somehow set up only in Mikrotik without program installation?
I read different threads but I’m not very wise about it. Thanks a lot for the info

It is truly unacceptable that the entire roon message board is full of thousands of posts and replies to simply use roon on a mobile phone outside the house :rofl:

And yet 3-4 years later roon have still done cuck all about this desperately lacking feature

It’s simply not good enough and drives away most people. All my friends tried roon until they realised they couldn’t use it on the road, massive amounts of lost business everywhere from this oversight.


If you think it’s so simple why not design your own software streaming system and make millions…

Obviously it’s still not far up enough their list of priorities to be worked on yet…or simple enough to just slot in.

Maybe try orastream if you are so desperate to have something.

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People already strugging with streaming to their home, with dozens of ISP issues and what not. Imagine how many people are gonna have connection issues when trying this outside of their home over cellular. Not to mention that many ISPs provide significantly less upload speeds than download speeds.

Well of course YMMV but it should be no different to a streaming service. Just build in a transcoder so you can set it to a lower quality outside home if needed etc.

Plex and other apps already do this flawlessly and it works great, but because they are not a dedicated music metadata service I’d prefer roon to be able to do this too.

It’s not too much to ask it’s 2022 FFS and coding good apps is an expectation not a luxury when it’s a paid service and others are doing it already for free in some cases.

Just sort it out already roon team clearly the board is full of these requests for years.

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What makes me laugh, is Roon’s focus on Streaming only customers, somebody paying for Roon just to stream Qobuz or Tidal at home and not being able to use Roon outside their home just doesn’t make sense to me.

I cancelled Tidal to get a better local library experience and ended up losing new music discovery, I ended up connecting a Qobuz download only account as a “hack” to get new music discovery back.


It is actually very simple. You can do it with logitechmediaserver, a software made 15 years ago and opensource.
They just need to add the option to locate server/endpoints with IP instead of relying completely on multicast/broadcast packets (which is actually way more complex)

I’ve had roon remote for a few years now with ZeroTier…no need to reinvent the wheel here.

What would be great is if somebody from Roon Product team chimed in here. I am an ex-network engineer and have Roon running in a container on ProxMox combined with all my other home services such as Plex and PiHole, so “making it work” is not the issue. Some things though, should “just work”. It’s very frustrating to be at a friends house and try to remember those three new artists you found, and added to your Roon library. Then you explain to your Spotify friend how cool Roon is, but you are not able to see your own favourites. Weak marketing.


I have to agree, zerotier takes 5 minutes to setup and just works. I now have roon at work…

Happy me

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I was able to get remote access working in Wireguard under Unraid 6.10.0-rc4. My core runs in a docker under Unraid as well. Choosing Remote tunneled access under Peer type of access while defining my peer enabled me to both connect to the core as well as play music to the local endpoint that the VPN is connected to, such as the Roon client on my phone while on the cell network.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong with ZeroTier but I can’t find the Core on iOS. To make matters worse, the little box to force an IP when you click Help in the iOS app doesnt seem to work – any where you tap just closes that dialog box.

I’ve had the Windows machine running roon and the iOS client on the same subnet via ZeroTier, I’ve even attempted having ZeroTier use the same subnet as my home network, but nothing.

I guess I’ll try a wireguard config next.

edit: tried ZeroTier with an android device. Roon just stops at “enabling” and the android app cannot act as an audio output

Wouldn’t it be nice if Roon just offered an active agent that creates and maintains an outbound connection constantly to a Roon proxy which then allows your applicatoin to instantly connect from outside the house as needed.

And even better, provide a transcoder with a tick box for ‘transcode items to X quality when playing over proxy/remote’

HOLY ■■■■ that would be so good. And its really not that hard, COME ON ROOOOON!!! This is standard practice for IT software nowdays, I know this because I work in the industry around this all day. PLEASE PLEASE hurry up and implement this.

How this is not TOP priority right now astounds me, I have had so many friends try Roon and throw it away because it can’t stream outside the house. You are losing SO MUCH business here, and its so simple to fix with a feature. I want roon to get more money and grow, as it only helps us. COME ON!


Exactly. I use Room because I love being able easily to connect to / route to many disparate devices in my house, but once I get more than 20’ outside the house, I simply lose access. Meanwhile, despite their geeky look / feel, JRiver, Plex, and OraStream (among others) allow me to listen to my collection pretty much seamlessly anywhere in the world, and have for years :man_shrugging:

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It needs a transcoder to stream lower quality over the air/mobile network/s.

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It’s also hilarious how many customers ROON lose because they can’t use the program outside the house.

They focus so hard on the Niche local collection crowd, when they could simply enable remote streaming with integrated music services as well and create a market leading product.

Which then means more investment and partnerships with vendors etc. for us music nerds. JUST DO IT


Funny, I never thought they focused on the “niche local collection”. IMHO, they are all about Tidal/Qobuz integration.

This is exactly how I feel after a few days of the Roon trial. Absolutely loving Roon as a music discovery and streaming tool, but not being able to browse, stream, and add things to my library outside of the house seems completely crazy to me.

Unfortunately it seems like this sentiment has been around for years and there’s been no progress, so maybe I should check out other tools :frowning_face:

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You don’t know there’s been no progress. They are working on it. I suspect it’s coming soon.

Is there any comms from the Roon dev crew on that? Just curious if they have been vocal about working on this or if we’re just hoping/assuming?